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Rand Paul Calls Trump’s Drone-Screwing “The Death Of Diplomacy”


Now that Iran followed through on its threat to retaliate for the U.S. drone attack, its game on in Trumpland. The Iranians fired 22 missiles at two Iraqi military bases, but according to U.S. and Iraqi officials, military personal on both bases survived the attacks.

Iran wants to force the U.S. to leave the Middle East. The attack on two Iraqi military bases is the first attempt to make that mission a reality. But Trump has no intention of leaving the oil-rich Middle East. He plans to dig in and fight. But the Iranian press claims this attack satisfies the revenge they wanted for Trump’s arrogant and ignorant attack on its top general. Foreign Minister Zarif said Iran doesn’t want war, but Iran won’t back down if Trump decides to retaliate for the missile attacks.

Rand Paul, the Kentucky senator who usually supports the Trumpster told the press the president destroyed any chance of solving the Iran debacle using diplomacy. Paul believes the country is at war’s doorstep and he blames Trump for acting like an emotional fool instead of a focus-thinking president. The death of democracy is the way Senator Paul describes Trump’s drone attack.

The Senate impeachment trial fiasco continues to make headlines. McConnell still claims he’ll follow the rules used during the Clinton impeachment. And Pelosi claims she wants witnesses like John Bolton to testify. Mr. Bolton said he would testify during the Senate trial, but the White House said they would stop Bolton from testifying if McConnell agrees to call witnesses.

The impeachment debacle is on the minds of most Americans. Elizabeth Warren had to stop Meghan McCain from celebrating Trump’s act of war on “The View.” McCain likes to defend conservatives on the show, but Warren didn’t let Meghan’s cynical nature get the best of her. She let McCain know what Trump did was a terrorist attack on another terrorist. America presidents fight terrorists they don’t become one, according to Warren.

The latest economy report shows America’s Gross Domestic Product growth was over two percent in 2019. But now that Trump put the country on war’s doorstep, economists expect economic growth to drop below two percent in 2020.

But former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke claims the Feds have the tools to maintain growth even though signs of a slowdown keep blinking red. U.S. manufacturing continues to contract, and the pending trade war with the EU presents another economic challenge. Plus, consumer confidence continues to erode. Consumers stopped buying big-ticket items in November and holiday retail sales missed projections.