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Regina Dowd Sets A Brilliant Example Of The Women In Leadership


For a very long time, leadership has been associated with masculinity. Women were never trusted with leadership positions, and hence they never got an opportunity to prove themselves. However, Statistics show that women in leadership often exhibit more exemplary performance than their male counterparts. Within the past few decades, society has gradually accepted women to lead, both in the public and private sectors. The result has been an increase in productivity in these sectors where they hold leadership positions. A brilliant example of an adorable woman in leadership is Regina Dowd, the current director, and executive sales officer at TSR Consultancy Services Inc. She assumed this position in 2017 when his father retired from being the Chairman and CEO of the company. At the same time, her elder brother, Christopher Hughes, replaced his father in the two positions.

Regina Dowd’s leadership position at TSR was not handed to her on a silver plate; she had to work for it. The organization deals with corporate clients who demand serious personnel to provide them with top-shelf services. As a staffing company, TSR Consultancy Services focuses on recruiting highly qualified IT specialists for organizations. The company also assists firms in other industries than the tech industry in identifying and recruiting candidates who best fit their job description. With all this at stake, TSR Consultancy Services could not risk bringing Regina onboard with the necessary skills required for the job. She joined the company in 2010 as an account representative. This role involved moving to the field and interacting with their existing clients, as well as trying to capture others. She performed this role for one year before being promoted to become an account manager in 2011.

In this role, Regina Dowd was in charge of technology consulting and IT staff augmentation. Her primary responsibility was providing clients with specialized consultancy on strategic tech projects of high-end nature. She would also conduct interviews on the candidates for organizations seeking permanent placement or contractual hiring of IT experts. Regina performed this function tenaciously and with zeal, an aspect that impressed her father, who was the CEO of TSR Consultancy Services. By the time he retired, he was confident that his daughter was ripe for the top position as an Executive Sales Manager of the organization. He also appointed her to become a member of the board of directors, positions she holds to date.

Before indulging in the family business, Regina Dowd had worked in the public sector in various positions in the healthcare industry. She had graduated from Fairfield University in 1982 with a BSN, Nursing. Her dream was becoming a nurse and serve patients who desperately needed her assistance as a medical practitioner. After college, Regina joined New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she worked as a Sister Staff Nurse in different departments. She was later moved to the Surgical Department, where she worked as a Quality Assurance Coordinator. This was a position in which she played a focal role in transforming the operations of the medical facility through the adoption of technology. Her impact will remain in the hearts of both the patients and physicians of the medical institution.