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Promotions Run by Roberto Santiago Show Focus of Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping Uses Promotions from Roberto Santiago

For many shopping centers there is an almost laser-like focus paid to commerce and commerce alone. Though it is often the overt mission of these establishments to encourage shopping, such a myopic view of the shopping experience also goes a long way towards showing the ideals behind its founders. That is one of the reasons why it is a refreshing change of pace to take a look at the manner in which founder Roberto Santiago runs his well-known shopping complex, Manaira Shopping. A recent string of promotional events, as well as a long-standing focus on culture and community, has made his establishment shine over the years.


Recent promotional initiatives


One thing that sets the shopping center apart from others of its kind is its willingness to involve customers in promotions of all types. One recent promotion, which is running until the end of December, has given patrons the opportunity to win a new Ford Ka. The promotion revolves around the purchase of goods and services at the complex and gives each customer a ticket to entry if they spend R$20 at one of the centers many establishments. In addition, the tickets are combinable so that the more one spends in the center, the higher chance they have of winning the grand prize.


Another promotion that is ongoing at the complex is a breast cancer awareness and prevention campaign. The campaign is in support of the international recognition of October as breast cancer awareness month. Numerous events have been planned at the shopping center in support of eradicating the illness and opportunities for supporting causes related to the disease abound as well. One example of this is the chance for patrons to donate to Rede Feminina de Combate ao Câncer, de João Pessoa, a nonprofit organization that supports at-need women who have contracted the illness. Another event related to the initiative is a dance troupe, sponsored in conjunction with Smart Fit, who performed at the center to promote breast cancer prevention and awareness.


Other cultural activities


Of course the focus on culture and community at Manaira Shopping is not limited to periodic promotions and donation campaigns. The center is well known for hosting a range of cultural offerings that help to promote local culture and bring the surrounding community together. By providing a central location for people in the community to exchange ideas and build a sense of togetherness, the complex is performing a vital role that has been associated with marketplaces since time immemorial.


At the complex, such events are often held at Domus Hall, the large event venue that was completed as a rooftop addition once it was clear the center wanted to do more to promote community. The large venue, which can accommodate up to 8 thousand people in an audience, has played host to a wide range of events throughout its history. These events include musical shows, cultural fairs, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and community gatherings (Terra).


Daily attractions


In addition to specially planned cultural events at the above venue, the shopping center is well-known for having a range of activities available for families and other groups who visit the complex on a daily basis. These activities include an arcade and other games available for children to occupy their time with. There are also many dining options from an extensive food court to a number of fine dining options. Thanks to the variety in place, the complex ensures that groups of people with a diverse range of tastes can satisfy their different culinary needs while joining each other for a meal.


Beyond entertainment and dining, the complex also contains a range of other establishments designed to cater to the needs of everyday life. There are numerous banking options in the shopping center, allowing customers to handle their banking obligations in the midst of their shopping and other activities. There is also a gym on site, allowing patrons to take a break from their day to exercise and improve their overall level of fitness. There is also a fully-functioning college on site, replete with access to professors and classes to allow adults to improve their level of education and develop new and diverse skillsets.


Inspiration and foundation


From the above snapshot of the amenities available at the complex, it is clear that the mission of the institution is much more than mere shopping. This can in part be credited to the original vision of founder Roberto Santiago, who always intended the shopping center to provide much more than just commerce alone. One of the reasons he was able to come to the project with this strength of conviction was that it was developed alongside advice from his father, who would habitually debate the intricacies of the project with his son in order to refine its vision. That back and forth helped create the foundation for what would guide the project throughout its construction and operation.


That process of construction, which began over thirty years ago, would eventually lead to one of the largest shopping complexes in the country of Brazil. With a total operating area over 135,000 square meters large, and a distinction as the second largest shopping venue in its state, it is clear that it has made a mark on local society. By creating the project with a strong vision of what it could someday become, and always staying focused on improvement, the team behind the construction has ensured it has remained as relevant in present day as it was at its inauguration.


Though many shopping centers exist merely for the purpose of promoting commerce, the team behind Manaira Shopping has ensured that it provides much more to the patrons and merchants who pass through its doors. Thanks in part to the vision of founder Roberto Santiago, the lasting concept behind the center has proven to be focused around community as much as it is the exchange of goods and services. A look at the events, activities, and amenities that the center plays host to make it readily apparent that the complex has much to teach others in the field today.

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