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Roger Kimmel: Chairman, Endo International Plc And Independent Director At PG&E Corporate


Roger H. Kimmel is an independent senior director, Endo International Plc. He graduated with double degrees, a bachelor’s degree from the University of George Washington, and a law degree from Virginia School of Law. With tons of experience in his career, Roger Kimmel has served in many corporate settings at different capacities. He has served as a corporate attorney for many years. Which includes serving as a rainmaker, Latham & Watkins Los Angeles Company. He has also worked as a professor of corporate law at the University of Virginia, School of Law.

The lawyer’s career experience mainly dealt with legal merger and acquisition programs, specializing in the production of motion pictures and private equity programs. In his career capacity, Kimmel has been dedicated to helping others reach their professional dreams. His passion drives him to impart diverse knowledge to his law students. Kimmel prepares them for the challenges they are likely to face in their career journey. He lectures them on the importance of proper client communication, how to present legal matters, and many other inclusive work challenges in the law field. Kimmel Roger is a diversified leader who has worked in various organization settings.

Since 2001, Kimmel has been working as Vice-Chairman, Investment bank Rothschild. He worked as a Director at the Pacific Gas & Electric board for decades. Also, Kimmel has been serving as a Director ta PG&E, where he joined when the organization was facing serious restructuring and developmental changes. He joined when the company was filing for bankruptcy protection, Chapter 11, for California’s wildfire tragedy in 2017 and 2018. Back in 2012, Kimmel was appointed as a Director, Schiff Nutrition International. Besides serving in the legal sector, Roger Kimmel also exercised his expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, working in various companies. He worked as the Board Chairman at Endo International, till February 2014, following the retirement of Carol A. Ammon, founder, in May 2017.

Endo is a leader in the provision of high-quality pharmaceutical medications. Endo International is focused on providing safe and affordable pharmaceutical products to enhance high healthy levels. Besides Endo international, Kimmel served in other various pharmaceutical companies as an executive. Back in July 1996, he served as the Director at Algos Pharma, which later merged with Endo International in 2000, and Roger H. Kimmel was appointed as the Director, Endo. He then received a promotion to be the Chairman, a position he held until February 2014.

Additionally, besides Roger Kimmel being a success in his executive roles in legal matters, corporate sector, and the pharmaceutical industry, he also passionate about contributing back to society without the aim of making a profit. His passion saw him working at the University of Virginia, Law School Foundation Board of Trustees as the Chairman from 2009 to 2015. However, Roger continues providing lectures at the university where he guides law and corporate students on the most likely problems they may face in their careers. He also encourages the students by giving tips to help navigate through.