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Rubbish Removal and Fashion Industry: Why Fast Fashion Needs To Move To Sustainable Practices


Fashion is piling up clothes in our rubbish. 
Clothes make up a significant part of our trash. We dump clothes almost as much as we buy them. When making a purchase we are so enthusiastic and tend to forget that that new pair of jeans will gradually fade, wear out and eventuallyend in the rubbish bin.

Fashion has become part of us
Fashion culture has become popular. In the recent past being fashionable was a matter of the few. Currently, most people try to keep up with trends. “Your outfit says a lot about who you are” is a common cliché in the fashion industry, and in the current age, you want it to be a fashion statement.
The thing with fashion is that it moves at a fast pace. What was ‘hot’ a few weeks ago might be totally outdated today. Keeping up with these trends will require buying new clothes more frequently, and as a result, more clothes in your wardrobe. You will eventually be disposing clothes at a faster rate, almost as fast as you buy them.

Social media is a driving force behind fashion
Social media fuels the trendy culture. It is all about being seen as fashionable and up with the latest trends. For most people, you cannot have two different photos with the same clothing on your Instagram or Facebook account. Every photo has to be a fashion statement of its own.
We have come to a situation where the lifespan of a piece of cloth is so short. This has been termed ‘fast fashion’. We no longer wear clothes till they are worn out. Instead, we wear them till they are out of fashion. Mending clothes and passing them on to friends or relatives are a thing of the past. We dispose clothes as quick as we buy them, no matter how good a condition they are in.

Clothes have become a major component of rubbish
The contribution of clothes to the total rubbish collected in the country is quite large. Britain dumps over 500,000 tonnes of clothes into landfills annually. With recycling, the amount of every other kind of waste has been reducing. The amount of plastics, metals, and food in our trash has gradually decreased due to measures being advocated by the government and other institutions. However, the amount of clothes in our rubbish is increasing yearly.
Despite clothes forming a bulk of the rubbish, most rubbish clearance companies do not offer clothes disposal services. This leaves most people stuck with a pile of old clothes that they have no way of disposing. This is where we come in. At Clearbee, we offer rubbish removal services that include clothes and other textile materials.

Textile Recycling is the new way to deal with disposed clothes
Disposal of rubbish into landfills has environmental impacts. For this reason, the country is moving to recycling of textile, just as plastics metals and glass materials are being recycled. Wrap, the national agency in charge of waste management is advocating for the creation of a separate waste management system that handles textile.
At Clearbee, we work to ensure that your waste is collected in time and disposed appropriately. We ensure that your rubbish is made use of in the most appropriate way. Clothes of good quality are selected for reuse, while the damaged ones are sorted for recycling. You can be assured that your waste is not creating negative environmental effects.

Ways of reducing the amount of clothes we dump
A big part of waste management is reducing waste generation. This has proven successful in other kinds of rubbish such as food items. You can take several measures to reduce the amount of clothes you are dumping.

Turning back to ‘Slow Fashion’
The surest way of not creating waste is not buying it in the first place. This is, however, the toughest thing of all. We are hard wired to want to buy. Consumerism is part of our culture. We still have to consider reducing the frequency and amount of new clothes we buy.
Several organizations have been campaigning for the return of slow fashion. This refers to a culture in which clothes were worn for a significant duration until they are worn out. Not long ago, this was the norm. Currently, clothes have a short lifespan resulting in a high turnover of clothes that is resulting in piles of rubbish due to dumping of clothes.

Don’t buy, rent
Everyone has that dress or suit in their wardrobe that was worn only once to a specific event. Weddings, parties and other kinds of events might make you buy clothes that will be used only once, then disposed. To avoid this, rent instead of buying. This not only reduces your need to dispose clothes but also saves you money.

Donating to charity
There are several charity organizations that deal in collecting used clothes and giving them to charity. Some have collection bins strategically positioned in neighborhoods. This is a good way to dispose clothes as it brings satisfaction of having helped the needy. At the same time, it reduces the frequency and cost of rubbish removal services.

Convenient removal of rubbish
Despite some of the above measures, you will still end up with a pile of clothes in your rubbish now and then. At Clearbee, they offer the most convenient rubbish clearance services. With their team in place, you can easily get rid of your unwanted clothes.
Their rubbish clearance solution caters for this need, by bringing services to your door step. For clothes, all you need to do is to sort and identify the clothes you would like to be disposed. Separate them from the rest of the wardrobe and we will take care of the rest.

Whether you are looking for a routine collection or a one-time rubbish removal, Clearabee can deliver. For most people, clothes are not routinely thrown away in the trash. They pile up to a point where you decide to get rid of them, preferably on the same day. The Clearbee Man and Van service can be at your doorstep in less than 6 hours and clear your rubbish on the very same day.
You can also opt for the Beebag option. You will be delivered with a Clearbee collection bag to dump all your clothes. The beebag will then be collected by our team, leaving no rubbish behind.
You need not be bothered by piles of rubbish in your home. Simply contact a reputable rubbish clearance service such as Clearabee, and have it conveniently removed and disposed. It’s time to say bye to rubbish.

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