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Rudy Claims The State Department Told Him To Poke The Ukrainian Bear To Expose Biden


President Xi told the UN he won’t play Game of Thrones with him during the trade war. Mr. Trump keeps pushing Xi to give in, so Trump can change Chinese laws. President Xi said he wants to level the trade playing field. He said China will buy more American products, but he won’t let Trump intimidated and deceive him in order to make China beg for tariff relief.

Trump’s tariffs hurt China’s Gross Domestic Product growth, but U.S. GDP growth will drop more than China’s growth in 2019. Wall Street economists claim GDP growth at the end of 2019 will be below two percent. China’s Gross Domestic Product growth will still be slightly above six percent. China’s manufacturing sector is in trouble due to American companies moving production to Cambodia, Vietnam, and India, according to the New York Times. But the tech sector and the new consumer sector are strong.

Iran’s President Rouhani told ABC News he won’t talk to Trump unless he rejoins the 2015 nuclear agreement and drops the sanctions. President Rouhani said the Middle East is on the verge of a meltdown. Rouhani didn’t claim responsibility for the attack on the Saudi oil refinery, but he did say the war in Yemen could explode into an all-out Middle Eastern war.

Nancy Pelosi said her congressional committees will gather all the criminal information they have on Trump over the next couple of weeks before impeaching Trump comes up for a vote in Congress. According to a poll taken before Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelensky, most Americans don’t want Trump impeached. Only 37 percent of those polled say they want to impeach Trump.

George Conway and Anthony Scaramucci think Trump won’t win in 2020. Conway thinks Republicans will turn on Trump if there’s an impeachment vote in the Senate. And Scaramucci told the press Trump won’t be the Republican nominee.

Rudy Giuliani got into a shouting match with another guest on a Fox News show. Rudy told Chris Hahn, a former Chuck Schumer aide, to shut up. But the state department told Rudy the same thing when he said that department sent him to Ukraine to smear Biden’s name.

Mr. Trump sent Rudy to annoy Ukraine officials, and to let them know he had $400 million in his pocket for them, but in order to get it, they have to find some dirt on Joe and his son Hunter. Mr. Trump told President Zelensky the same thing during a July phone conversation, according to the New York Times.