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Rudy Giuliani Claims Mueller Is Didn’t Act Honorably While Trump Hits Americans In The Healthcare Pocket


The Mueller report is still somewhere in the Department of Justice. It’s having legal surgery. The DOJ wants to make sure they blackout all the stuff in the report that could dig a deeper political hold for Trump to jump into. Legal analysts say Mueller uncovered security threats while he interviewed hundreds of people about Trump’s connections with Russia. Attorney General Bill Barr will make sure those threats remain top secret. But Barr would also like to keep the Trump dirt secret too.

William Barr gave Mr. Trump a huge gift when he decided to clear Trump of obstruction charges. Mr. Barr believes presidents are above the law. So he made sure Trump got a get-out-of-jail-free card before people read the real Mueller report. Mr. Trump feels relieved and unshackled by the Barr summary. But that feeling won’t last, according to Congressional Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. Schiff believes Trump colluded and obstructed justice in plain sight.

Mr. Trump is high on Barr’s vindication smoke, and he wasted no time showing his new found unsubstantiated power. He wants to repeal Obamacare again. He wants to leave more than 12 million Americans without healthcare. And he got Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to cut funding for the Special Olympics to prove he still doesn’t care about anything but his border wall obsession.

The Trump family didn’t waste time throwing political stones at Trump’s enemies either. It was payback time for Don Jr. and Ivanka. They gave the world a taste of what it’s like to be rich kids who live to promote and lie to protect the Trump name. But even though Trump and his family like shaking things up, Rudy Giuliani likes to spew political fire and then laugh about it when people call him on it.

Mr. Giuliani thinks Robert Mueller isn’t an honorable guy. That statement goes against Mueller’s untarnished legal record as well as his commitment to defend the country from all the bad guys. Rudy doesn’t like the way Mueller treated Paul Manafort. And he didn’t like the way Mueller ignored him when he tried to pull some of his old Southern District of New York legal tricks on the special counsel.

Giuliani is Trump’s pal from the old New York City days. Rudy was the king of New York City while Trump fleeced as many people as he could back then. Giuliani knows the best defense is to discredit the people who know Trump’s a fake. Even the Russians admit Trump’s a fake, but that’s a plus in the Russian political system.