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SCOTUS Put A Hold On Trump Financial Records

Official portrait of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, photographed January 11, 2019 in the Office of the Speaker in the United States Capitol.

The president told Nancy Pelosi he might testify in writing even though he considers the impeachment process a sham. Mr. Trump said the same thing when Mueller wanted to talk to him. Trump finally agreed to answer Mueller’s questions in writing, but it took him over a year to half-ass cooperate with the investigation.

Adam Schiff thinks Trump lied to Mueller when he answered Bob’s question about his interaction with WikiLeaks during the 2016 election. Trump told Mueller he didn’t, and his campaign officials didn’t have any contact with WikiLeaks. But according to court testimony in the Roger Stone trial, Mr. Stone kept Trump and his campaign team up-to-date on when WikiLeaks would release Clinton’s hacked emails. Stone orchestrated the timely release of the emails so they would hurt Clinton at the appropriate times during the campaign.

Mr. Trump’s claim he didn’t bribe Zelensky continues to lose credibility as more witnesses come forward and tell what they know about Trump’s plan to make the Ukraine president do whatever Trump asked him to do. The July 25th phone conversation with Zelensky was not the beginning of Trump’s bribery scheme. Trump sent Rudy to Ukraine in April in order to set the stage for the Zelensky and Biden screwing.

North Korea’s Kim Jon Un told Trump he’s tired of waiting, and tired of listening to the Trumpster brag about another summit. Kim doesn’t want another summit if it turns into another Hanoi type summit. Mr. Kim thinks the time to draw a line in the sanction dropping sand is now. But the Trumpster has his hands full of impeachment goo so another summit with Kim is a low priority. Mr. Kim wants Trump to drop some sanctions by the end of the year.

Trump blames Mike Pompeo for hiring what he calls Never Trumpers. Pompeo hired Bill Taylor and Taylor’s testimony did serious damage to Trump’s claim he wanted to curb corruption in Ukraine, not bribe Zelensky. Pompeo is still one of Trump’s strongest supporters. But as the impeachment witnesses reveal more information, Pompeo may become a member of Trump’s loser’s club before the end of the year.

The Supreme Court put Trump’s request to stop Congress from getting his financial records on hold for ten days. SCOTUS wants more information from both sides before the judges make a decision. Trump thinks SCOTUS will rule in his favor. Five of the nine judges are conservatives.