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Senator Lindsey Graham Claims Mr. Trump Has the Right To Pardon Stone


Mr. Trump told a group of his supporters Roger Stone is a great guy and he should get a get-out-of-jail-free card. Mr. Trump claims the Muller investigation was an illegal attempt to bring him down. The president said Mueller, Comey, and McCabe are the real criminals. Mr. Stone faces 40 months in jail after Judge Amy Berman Jackson told him he’s a deadbeat and loser. Jackson used all the terms that describe people who earned those titles. Stone stood quietly in front of the judge, and he took her verbal beating.

The president’s decision to pardon eleven prisoners was more about helping his campaign donors and friends of friends than reforming the judicial system. Thousands of innocent prisoners’ waste away in jail and Trump’s critics claim he ignores those prisoners. Mr. Trump plans to continue pardoning prisoners without going through the Department of Justice. President Trump put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of revamping the pardon system so he has full control of who gets a pardon.

Lindsey Graham is one of the president’s fiercest defenders. He hated the president back in 2016, but Graham change that hate to love after spending time with the president on the golf course, according to the New York Times. Mr. Graham told the press Trump has the right to pardon Mr. Stone because the Mueller investigation was a botched attempt to remove the president from office. Stone didn’t cooperate with Mueller. In fact, the court found Stone guilty of obstructing justice during the investigation, as well as lying to Congress, and threatening a witness.

Federal Reserve members continue to claim the economy is in good shape, even though the recent coronavirus outbreak could hurt economic growth in the first three months of the year. China’s economic growth could drop by 2.5% by the end of March, and Wall Street economists think U.S. economic growth could drop by at least ½% in March.

Mr. Trump continues to inflame his tech war with China by trying to stop Chinese tech giant Huawei from dominating the global 5G market. The UK signed a 5G contract with Huawei, and France is on the verge of allowing Huawei to build parts of its 5G infrastructure. Huawei officials deny Trump’s spying claim. But the tech company does use backdoor technology for law enforcement purposes.

The president told the press the company uses backdoor technology to spy for the Chinese government. But Huawei officials told the press the president wants to stop the company’s 5G growth any way he can and accusing the company of spying is just part of his takedown plan.