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Skype Blocked in China


How Skype has managed to survive in China remains a mystery. However, things look tough for the communication tool as it has run into trouble with Chinese officials. For starters, this is a tool that is used for messaging and making internet phone calls. It has been revealed that the app has disappeared from various sites where the Chinese used to download the app. At the same time, the app has disappeared from the Apple’s app store. This is something that was even confirmed by Apple meaning that it’s something that the Chinese government has told Apple. Through an emailed statement, Apple was notified by the Chinese government that a number of violations had been breached by the voice over the internet service. This message came from the Ministry of Public Security. The Chinese government then ordered Apple to remove the apps from its stores. Once the apps were removed, a host of Chinese customers complained about the unavailability. Most of the users told the New York Times that the disruption has existed since October. The removal of Apple is a continuation of the tight controls that have been implemented by the Chinese government over information that is available on the internet. Skype is an American app that belongs to Microsoft. Nonetheless, the fate of the app in China remains unknown.

In the past few years, China has become notorious for internet control. The measures have only tightened when Xi Jinping rose to power. Under his rule, the Chinese government has upped its game, especially with foreign apps and networks. This is the same fate that WhatsApp suffered in China a few months ago. The app which is owned by Facebook was completely blocked in July. These are not the only American services that have suffered the same fates. Other apps that have been filtered include Line, Telegram, Twitter, Snapchat as well as Facebook and Gmail. The main reason why these apps have been banned in China is because they use an encryption feature which makes it impossible for the government to read these messages thus monitoring becomes virtually impossible. When they are allowed, the Chinese government asks these governments for the real identities of these accounts. Microsoft also addressed the issue through their spokesman. The spokesman said that they were aware of the removal of its services from the App store. However, they announced that they were working with the Chinese government to resolve the issue.