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State Department Finally Released Zelensky’s Aid Check Not Trump


China wants to sign the phase one part of the trade agreement. But President Trump put a fork in the offer the Chinese put on the trade table. Trump told the press he won’t roll back, tariffs as a sign of good faith. The Chinese wanted Trump to take additional tariffs off of $360 worth of exports and in return, China would reduce tariffs on American products like soybeans.

The president stands firm on his tariff pedestal. He likes to call himself the tariff man. He claims the U.S. collected billions in tariffs over the last year. Thirty-five billion of the hundreds of billions Trump claims went to the treasury came from American consumers.

Retail analysts expect a strong holiday selling season despite the trade war. But some consumers think it’s time to stop spending. Gold took a nosedive last week, and some analysts expect the stock market to act crazy when the public hears more from impeachment witnesses.
Mr. Trump claims the Zelensky call was nothing more than him doing what he always does. One Democrat congressman told the Sunday talk shows Trump strong-armed Zelensky mobster style. He said the press should call it mob demand instead of using the Latin term quid pro quo.

Lindsey Graham told the press what Trump did to Zelensky was not a crime, and if the judicial committee draws up articles of impeachment, the Senate won’t find the president guilty. Graham doesn’t want to lose his golfing buddy and his upcoming election, so he continues to support Trump to cover his ass.

Les Parnas, one of Giuliani’s clients, wants to tell Schiff and the panel the real story now that Trump told the press he doesn’t know him. Parnas and his pal Igor Fruman met Trump several times through Rudy Giuliani. Pictures of the major Trump donors surfaced and Mike Pence is in one of the pictures and Don Jr. is in another with Parnas and Fruman. Pence denies he knew Trump used his mobster tactics on Zelensky, but it’s clear Pence as well as Pompeo, Barr, Mulvaney, and Sondland knew about Trump’s shakedown plan from day one.

The Ukrainian born Parnas helped Giuliani put the pressure on Ukraine officials, so he could get close to Zelensky after the comedian won the election. Mr. Trump claims he released the $400 million aid check, but that’s not what happened. When White House lawyers found out what Trump wanted to do to Zelensky, they notified state department officials, and they released the funds in September.