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Steven Stolen’s Business Career Has Been Centered Around The Indianapolis Community


Throughout his career, Steven Stolen has been involved with a number of different organizations in the Indianapolis community, working to improve the very culture and economy of the city that he loves. Steve has dabbled in business, consulting, and general entrepreneurship over the past two decades, and he has held various high-level positions at organizations like Rocketship Education, the Indy Chamber, Butler University, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, and IndyHumane.

Along with his active business presence in various companies throughout Indianapolis over the years, Steven Stolen has also employed his skills as a consultant for the Julian Center and the Indianapolis Opera. Despite his busy schedule, Steven is the host of his own program on WFYI Public Radio, Stolen Moments. Once or twice a week, Steven takes a leap into the musical world with listeners around Indianapolis for an hour of listening and engaging conversation.

Steven Stolen knows he has a level of focus that is quite extreme compared to the average individual, which is what he says keeps him looking forward to new goals every day. Being able to stay on top of various projects throughout the community on a regular basis as well as staying productive to accomplish his entrepreneurial goals has made Steven a respected and sought after figure in Indianapolis, especially in the corporate scene.

In 2017, IndyHumane picked up Steven Stolen to take over as Chief Executive Officer, which he was more than excited to do given his desire to impact the Indianapolis community. Formerly recognized as the Humane Society of Indianapolis, IndyHumane in Marion County, Indiana, has been in operation for more than a century as a non-profit rescue and adoption organization for animals.

Steven was brought in with open arms and dedicated support from IndyHumane’s former CEO, John Aleshire, who transitioned him into the company as a longtime friend of Steven throughout the years. Steven Stolen parted from IndyHumane in late 2018, and although he only worked with the organization for a single year, he feels he was able to make an impact on the company, the community, and the animals to make Indianapolis just a little brighter.

Following his departure from IndyHumane last year, Steven Stolen has taken up a strategic consulting position for S2 Strategies LLC, an advisory firm that specializes in business management and development, fundraising, and organizational support. Steven’s strategic duties include maximizing the strength of S2’s current systems as well as assessing the company’s internal capacity for improvement.

Steven is always looking towards the future to make a difference and tackle new projects, and with his extensive portfolio and distinguished skills as an educator, artist, executive, and leader, Steven will continue to expand on his career and impact the Indianapolis community.