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The Stock Market Takes A Gut Punch From The Manufacturing Slump And The Impeachment Chaos


Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff let Trump know he can’t ignore their subpoenas. Mr. Trump erupted in front of the cameras as he watched the news conference. The President of Finland Sauli Niinisto stand next to Trump and by the look on his face, he wished he was back home. Mr. Trump called the impeachment inquiry BS. Trump claims Adam Schiff is a traitor, and Nancy Pelosi turned into a Liberal bitch.

Schiff and Pelosi want Trump to give them more ammunition so they can politically fry his oversized rear end. State Department watchdog Steve Linick gave Congress a packet of documents that show Giuliani was up to no good when he traveled to Madrid and Ukraine to confirm Trump’s conspiracy theory. The president claims Ukraine supported Clinton during the 2016 election. That theory is pure Trump fiction, according to Linick’s testimony.

Mike Pompeo and Bill Barr are in Italy doing Trump’s dirty work. Pompeo went to Italy to visit the pope while his state department is under attack. Pompeo admitted he was on the Zelensky call with Trump, but he claims the call was as perfect as Trump said it was, according to the Washington Post. Mike tried to stop state department officials from telling Congress the real story about Rudy and Trump and their obsession with bringing Biden down using Ukraine information. But according to Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Ukraine won’t open another investigation just because Trump wants one.

Investors finally got the message. Trump’s trade war with China and the new tariffs he plans to impose on the European Union for funding Airbus will continue to erode America’s GDP growth. According to MarketWatch, third-quarter GDP growth should be in the 1.6 percent range. In January 2019 GDP growth was more than 3.1 percent.

President Xi told Trump China wants to buy farm products and pork. Chinese farmers bought 600,000 tons of soybeans, and tons of pork, recently to compensate for the swine flu epidemic in China. Chinese importers are ready to buy more if Trump drops the tariffs, according to China’s foreign minister Wang Yi.

U.S. manufacturing took a serious hit from Trump’s tariff war. In fact, global manufacturing slowed down thanks to the uncertainty that surrounds Trump’s foreign and domestic agendas. A drop in consumer confidence could mean a recession is in the works. The stock market dropped 800 points in two days, and that may be just the beginning of the financial damage Trump’s tariff addiction will create, according to CNBC.