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The Story of AST: Powered by Ethereum


In a nutshell, the Airswap (AST) network will consist of peer-to-peer transactions that allow users to seamlessly trade tokens. The ethos behind AST is that people should be able to trade their tokens without a hassle. Decentralization is the key, providing an arena in which holders can easily search for the tokens they want. AST posits that it shouldn’t matter where in the world you are; if you want to trade tokens, then you should be able to do so by executing a simple search. It’s this ease that is striking the fancy of those in the New York real estate market.

Embeddable for Mass Adoption

The AST team set out to make something that was able to be used universally. Wherever you want to trade tokens and on whichever device you’d like to use—whether it’s mobile or a desktop—you should be able to quickly. Those who run Ethereum (ETH) projects are encouraged to reach out to the AST staff if they’re interested in integration.

A Commitment to Form and Function

Recently, the group at AST confessed to just how difficult it can be to run a massive undertaking like this one. In a blog post, the group expressed how early AirSwap versions helped them to propel the project to a new level. This should quell the concerns of those who worry, rightfully so, that a new project may need to have the kinks ironed out first. But the staff at AST used AirSwap Widget and AirSwap Token Trader to do this already, allowing users to benefit from the wealth of knowledge already gained in the meantime. From the get-go, this is a very transparent team that believes in putting out a product that looks as good as it functions.

Practical Uses: Building for Mobile

AST’s developer team also realizes that projects must be mobile-friendly. Instead of designing the project and then making adaptations, they decided to build for mobile first. Also, in a world where custodial crypto exchanges can effectively steal or delay transactions, the entire point of AST is that it is non-custodial by nature. Regulations and government oversight have made these areas more difficult, so those who truly believe in the power of blockchain—and the dominance of crypto—will be doing themselves a service when they check out AST and see everything that it has to offer them.