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Stream Energy Reveals How Core Company Values Led to Resilience and Success

Stream Energy Ignition 2018

Stream, a top energy and connected services provider, recently added another tool to its altruism arsenal: an increase in renewable energy services. The expansion was introduced during Connect 2018, a one-day event on September 29 that took place in Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Columbus. The aim of the event was to strengthen team-building efforts and recognize associates that regularly go above and beyond.

Prolific insights to finish the year strong were plenty at the event, but the heartfelt address by company founder Rob Snyder was remarkably uplifting. The Stream Energy community is the best it can be when all involved are painting the same picture, and Snyder has the ability to align minds and hearts like no other. He demonstrated his support for the company Associates and encouraged them to remember the core values as the roots of the company.

“I recommend with all my heart that you forget yourself, that you get lost in others,” remarked Snyder. “Because it is in that act, getting lost in helping them solve problems and achieve their success, that you will find a reward greater than any check you receive from Stream.”

He went on to explain how Stream would help Associates as much as possible so they could live their lives in ways that help them accomplish their dreams. The company truly exemplifies resilience and, through fully embracing the paradox of “forgetting oneself,” Stream has built a stronger company.

Stream Energy has contributed to its resilience in many ways; the company is transparent, flexible, and collaborative. The people at Stream know that a successful business can be developed by integrating these qualities into a company’s attitudes and behaviors. Since it’s human nature for people to concentrate too much on themselves, Stream believes that humans have three basic responsibilities while living on this planet. The same goes for businesses, which are typically in an even better position to help. When companies create noticeable change, people benefit and pay attention. To work towards resilience, modern companies need to see value in the planet, those who are less able, and their staff.

Stream Values the Planet

Communities can make a massive difference by helping make the planet more sustainable for current and future populations. To that end, Stream has expanded its energy services as a means of being more considerate of the planet’s precious resources and promoting conservation. Stream wants to help make the future brighter and renewable energy more accessible. Through Stream’s eco+ and Green & Clean plans, consumers will find that helping the planet can be as easy as turning on a switch. 100% renewable energy is produced from resources such as hydro, wind, solar, and biomass.

Why is there such a push to consider the environment? Well, think about the fact that the amount of electricity we use makes up more than 30% of emissions that greenhouse gases release into the air. Simply keeping our homes lit and cell phones charged is creating more dangerous emissions than factories and cars.

Stream Energy’s eco+ plan can offset some, or even all, of a person’s carbon footprint generated by electricity. The amount that it offsets varies according to your energy usage, but using eco+ is the equivalent to counteracting 1,000 kWh of power every month. For most of us, many of our average activities contribute to greenhouse gas emissions every time we drive a vehicle, turn on electricity, or even dispose of trash. Those who are curious about their carbon footprint can enter their household use information into the Carbon Footprint Calculator by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Stream Values Those Who Are Less Able

Stream Energy Hope Supply Another key to being resilient is to support others, so they can also learn to follow a constructive path. Stream is a company that has clearly grown by putting its corporate philanthropic efforts toward supporting and helping others. The company has been willing to go the extra mile and stretch further for over a dozen years, which is why “Stream Cares” was initiated to formalize the efforts currently in progress.

Having solid partnerships with forward-thinking organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity is nothing new for Stream. The company jumped into action to help after tornadoes landed in Texas during the holiday season of 2016. Stream worked alongside the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars worth of charitable donations for victims who had their houses and businesses torn from them, and then the company matched the amount raised.

Another societal issue about which Stream Energy cares a great deal is homelessness. Hope Supply Co. is also based in Dallas and, during its 4-year partnership with Stream, has funded a water park trip for 1,000 homeless children living in Texas. Many of these children had never had the chance to visit a water park before, and were able to experience one of the greatest splashes of their lives thanks to Stream leadership and employees.

For other causes, Stream could have opted to simply send a check but, instead, staff wanted to be present to help with the events. Specifically, Operation Once in a Lifetime was an event sponsored by Stream, during which veterans and their families were brought together to share a special lunch of steaks, burgers, ribs, and more at a well-loved restaurant in Texas.

Another event that Stream helped sponsor was the American Girl Doll Experience for military families. During this time, 10 military family daughters were given the opportunity to pick out their own doll, and were treated to lunch at the trendy American Girl Café.

Clearly, Stream has a philanthropic track record that the leadership and associates are dedicated to helping build. The combination of dedication, corporate big-heartedness, and Associate passion makes up a truly innovative company.

Stream Values Its Staff

Stream Energy DallasFinally, it is imperative for an organization to take responsibility for its staff, so that both the company and employees can learn and grow toward the same mission. Stream Energy realizes that its Associates have immense capabilities and passion and, by recognizing this and adapting a direct-selling model, the company has skyrocketed their own success.

At Connect 2018, Snyder also promised that Stream was committed to helping Associates grasp their dreams, thrive in business, and transform their lives. The changes in the eco-friendly energy plans are pronounced and competitive, and should fuel sales, which is just one example of how Stream helps Associates.

The deals were designed to compete with the high price of energy in Texas, and with the inconsistent countrywide market trends.

“These are simple plans with simple terms that deliver high-value energy solutions to our customers,” explained Stream Energy CEO Bouncer Schiro.

As seen with Stream, businesses must take initiative, aim to be part of the greater good, and think outside the box to be truly resilient and succeed.

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