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Student Loan Borrowers Struggling To Get Student Loan Forgiveness


In 2007, the United States government introduced a proposal that would forgive student loan debt for public workers if they worked for 10 years. They would have to make payments on their student loans for 10 years. After that, the rest of the balance would be forgiven.

However, it has been over 10 years since the program was first put in place. The borrowers have not received the student loan debt forgiveness that they were promised. That is why many lawmakers are struggling to decide whether they should keep the program and fix the problems or get rid of it. President Trump and many other Republicans believe that the program is a waste, and people should get rid of it.

However, there are Democrats who want to save the program. They stated that the reason that people have been unable to get student loan forgiveness is because the Department of Education did not manage the program properly. The Democrats have proposed a bill that will make the program a lot easier for people to navigate.

Kirsten Gillibrand is one of the people who has sponsored the bill. She is also a Democrat who is running for president. She stated that millions of nurses, teachers, social workers, military personnel and others have been denied student loan forgiveness. She also stated that it is time for congress to fix this problem.

Former President George W. Bush was the one who introduced the program. The purpose of the program was to pursue careers that had modest pay, but they allowed people to make a major difference in society. However, 99 percent of the people who applied for student loan forgiveness had their application rejected.

There are strict requirements that have to be met before people can get granted student loan forgiveness. It is also important to note that only certain types of federal loans will be forgiven. Thousands of people stated that they did not know about all of the details of student loan forgiveness.

John DeGennaro is a 64-year-old teacher who tried to apply for student loan forgiveness. His request was rejected because there were problems with the paperwork. He stated that he tried to amend this several times, but they keep telling him that something is missing. He is now stuck with $14,000 in debt that he cannot afford to pay.