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Tariffs Won’t Stop China From Beating Trump On The World’s Economic Stage


Mr. Trump is still the bomb in his fantasy world. He told a group of Trumpians in Michigan he’s ready to continue adding jobs and boosting the economy with his questionable moves to make America great again. The people who attended the Grand Rapids campaign rally said they want to stick with Trump because the economy is great. And they said he deserves to win in 2020 because the Democrats tried to upend his administration through the Mueller investigation. Trump won the Mueller war, according to his supporters.

And that sums up the state of things in America, according to Trump’s voter base. Trumpians say Mr. Trump is good for stock investors, and his tax cut gave people more money. And it doesn’t get any better than that in blue-collar America. But all that glitters with Trump gold is not what it seems, according to the New York Times. The United States economy is choking under Trump’s agenda to push allies away and makes friends with the riff-raft that deals from the bottom of the economic deck.

Trump told his supporters his sanctions and the tariffs would level the economic playing field. Trump put tariffs on steel and aluminum. Canada felt a lot of pain from that Trump move. Then he added more tariffs to the existing tariffs on Chinese merchandise. Mr. Trump thought China would run to the trade talk table and make a deal right away. But China knows how to play the import-export game. Now that the Trump tariffs are in place, the trade deficit with China is more than it was before the tariffs went into effect.

The trade talks with China drag on, according to chief U.S. negotiator Bob Lighthizer. Lighthizer told the press a trade deal with China won’t be as effective as Trump thinks. China may lower tariffs on American-made vehicles, but that won’t help Ford and GM much, according to the Washington Post. European automakers will benefit more since they produce vehicles in the U.S. and they send some of them to China.

Plus, Chinese companies decided to open factories in Mexico to get around Trump’s tariffs. Mr. Trump still bashes Mexico for the border wall issues, but Mexico doesn’t care. Mexico’s economy is on fire thanks to Trump’s economic agenda while the U.S. economy slows to crawl.

The financial blows from Trump’s economic agenda are substantial, according to financial experts. The best way to understand how lame Trump’s financial agenda is to feel the pain from the trillion dollars a year Trump adds to the national debt every year.