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TeleBrands: Solving Consumer’s Problems


Founded in 1983, by a skilled entrepreneur, A.J. Khubani, TeleBrands is a direct response company that deals with marketing. It is also the initial designer of the logo, “As Seen On TV’’ in the category of trade. The company helps to create print advertisements for publications including the National Enquirer. While the firm was first situated in Virginia, it was later moved to Fairfield in New Jersey. As such, in 1986, the CEO started to experiment with television. He produced three main infomercials including flea collar, exercise machine and AmberVision for sunglasses. From that moment, TeleBrands has sold millions of products including the PedEgg, One-Second Needle, AmberVision sunglasses, and Pasta Boat. It has also sold Bottle Tops, InstaBulb, Pet Rider, Pocket Hose, and Aluma Wallet, and Lint Lizard. In 2007, TeleBrands played a role in the launch of PedEgg. It sold more than 45 million units in 2013.

TeleBrand’s products are often marketed via TV, print advertising, in addition to the Internet. They are televised across 120 countries. The marketing platform has 12 products in retail stores. This is typical for any firm in the industry of direct-response television platform. As such, TeleBrands closely works with infomercial pitchmen such as Billy Mays as well as Anthony Sullivan. The firm and its CEO were featured in various series of PitchMen. The management searched for various inventions intended to be sold by the parent TV channel. Khubani had the final say. Every month, TeleBrands hosts an event titled “Inventors Day’’. The event is held in several states such as New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Entrepreneurs in the industry are allowed to pitch their projects to CEO Khubani and the management. Currently, Telebrands sells a variety of products including non-stick cookware such as Orgreenic and Rabbit TV.

Starting his entrepreneurial career at 23, Mr. Khubani first spent a few thousand dollars to pay for an advertisement in National Inquirer. The move became a big hit. From the moment, he has sold multiple products online. Khubani has also shaped his career convincing clients to purchase products that they didn’t know they needed. Being the founder of Fairfield too, he is considered the king of infomercial. This retail brand oversees the operations of an empire of worth $1 billion. Khubani is now the leader of the direct consumer marketing sector. The business professional understands that being successful in business doesn’t mean being bulletproof. He’s taken the brand through a major economic crisis and bankruptcy. He understands that building an empire can be complicated.

As such, the CEO has grown TeleBrands into a successful marketing company. TeleBrands has perfected a reliable formula for analyzing the industry’s marketing trends. It also knows how to predict retail success. The company has a system that allows it to navigate the prospective investors who aspire to be part of the business. TeleBrands depends on product ideas developed from the consumer industry. The employees are devoted to providing excellent customer experience to its consumers. TeleBrands markets products that are going to revolutionize the industry.