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Tesla Shares Have Sunk after the Firm’s Chief Executive Elon Musk Smoked a Joint on a Live Show.


Tesla, the famous electric car manufacturer shares have sunk by 8% as of Friday. Two senior executives of the firm called quits, hours after the chief executive of the firm Elon Musk sparked a crazy concern by smoking a joint on a live show. Dave Morton, Tesla’s head of accounting and Gaby Toledano, the firm’s head of human resource, noted that they were leaving the organization. The argument for leaving the firm was that Tesla was centrally placed on various controversies by its Chief executive. Dave Morton had joined the company one month ago. He said that he wished to leave Tesla because the level of public thoughtfulness placed on the firm, as well as the pace within the organization had exceeded his expectations. All these made Dave reconsider his future with the firm. He made it clear that he believed in the firm, especially when it comes to its mission and future projections. Dave said that he was not in any disagreement with the firm’s leadership or any financial reporting.

Dave Morton had joined Tesla a day before Elon musk had twitted that he was considering to transform the company into a private enterprise. The chief executive had also announced that he had the funding to secure the transformation. However, the plan was abandoned days later. Toledano was reported to be on leave away from the presence of the firm. She, however, reported that she was not going to return to the company. According to reports, the pair had decided to call it quits after the Chief executive raised a new concern by smoking pot on a live show alongside United States comedian known as Joe Rogan.

Elon Musk, who is now aged 47 years, spent almost three hours at the show late on Thursday. The Tesla boss discussed a lot of staff, which included Artificial Intelligence and the impact of AI on humankind. He went on to share ideas of artificial intelligence to social media and the various improvements of his Tesla Company. Elon Musk then took a puff from a joint that comedian Rogan noted that it was a blend of marijuana and Tobacco that was legal in California. The Tesla boss noted that he had almost never smoked a blunt. Musk said that he is always not a regular smoker of Marijuana. He said that he has never noticed any effect of Marijuana.