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The Commerce Department Pulls Some of Trump’s Stinger out of Huawei’s Rear End


Republican Justin Amash woke up after he saw the complete redacted version of the Mueller report. He realized Trump is a mobster. Amash thinks it’s impeachment time. It didn’t take long for the Trumpians in the Republican Party to do their business on Amash. The Michigan politician felt the rage from Trumpland when he committed the ultimate crime. He accused Trump of obstructing justice.

Mr. Trump put Mr. Amash on his loser list. Trump said he never like Justin. He is a total lightweight, according to Mr. Trump. But Justin threw his political cards on the table and claimed there’s a mobster-type card shark in Washington, and he likes to pull cards from the bottom of the deck.

The president put Justin on his campaign speech list. Mr. Trump will act hurt by the Amash tweets. And then he’ll ask for pity from his loyal Trumpians on the campaign trail.

Even though Justin Amash wants to impeach Trump, Nancy Pelosi will not dip her San Francisco feet in the impeachment pool. She told a bunch of Democrats to calm down when they threw a fit after Trump told his old White House lawyer Don McGahn to ignore Jerry Nadler’s subpoena. Congressman Nadler is Trump’s Kryptonite. Jerry was in Don Sr. face in the 1980s when Trump got a kick out of fleecing New York City.

Iran told Trump he needs to show a little respect before they talk to him. Trump wants to keep bully slapping Iran to satisfy John Bolton’s psychopathic tendencies. But the Iranians won’t let Trump missile-screw them like he tried to do with Kim Jon Un.

Bernie tied Biden in an Iowa poll. Pete Buttigieg came in second in Iowa. Pete got a lot of positive press after his town hall meeting on Fox News. Chris Wallace became a Buttigieg fan, but Trump threw Chris to the curb when he saw how Wallace reacted to Mayor Pete.

It didn’t take long for Trump’s advisors to realize banning Huawei from doing business in the U.S. was a major league mistake. The Commerce Department told Huawei executives they can still buy components to keep existing networks running until August 19. The stock market liked that news. Tech stocks jumped. And Huawei and China have a chance to find more ways to show Trump the resiliency and tech strength of the Chinese.