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The History Of Hargreaves Lansdown


Hargreaves Lansdown is a company that is located in the United Kingdom in a city called Bristol. Hargreaves Lansdown offers financial services to retail investors by selling to them shares and funds as well as products that are related. Being a publicly traded company, the company trades under the FTSE 100 Index in the London Stock Exchange. The founding members of Hargreaves Lansdown are Stephen Lansdown and Peter Hargreaves. They initially founded the company on 1st July 1981 after trading in the stocks from their bedroom for a while. When the company was young, it specialized on tax planning matters as well as the unit trusts where the task was to provide customers with information regarding the two areas. After four decades in the market Hargreaves Lansdown has become one of the biggest companies in Bristol. The company headquarters are found in One College Square in Harbourside. The company has been trading publicly since 2007 when it was listed on the London Stock Exchange. However, the two founding members of the company maintain the majority shares as they own over 80 percent of the company. Back in 2009 Lansdown decided to part with 4.7 percent of his stake from the company as he needed money that would be used to build a new stadium for the biggest club in town, Bristol City FC. The venture would cost him around 47.2 million dollars. This also saw his shares in the company reduce to around 22.9 percent.

Some of the key people at the company include Deanna Oppenheimer who works as the non-executive chair. The chief operating officer of the company at the moment is Chris Hill. Some of the products of the company include income drawdown, annuities as well as SIPP and ISA. In the year 2018, Hargreaves Lansdown had a total revenue of around 447.6 million dollars and an operating income of 291.1 million dollars. This means that the company had a net income of around 236.7 million dollars. As at December 2018, the company had an employee base of around 1,185 people. The in-house investment platform of Hargreaves Lansdown is known as Vantage. This is a platform that helps different investors to have several investments together meaning that it is possible to get one valuation for all these investments. These means that some of the popular products that are provided under the in-house investment platform include Fund and Share dealing accounts as well as ISA and SIPP. The company reported last year that it recorded a 16 percent rise in revenue and a three percent increase in assets that are under its administration. This happened despite difficult market environment that was experienced in 2018. By mid-2018, the company reported that it had a customer base of around one million and 90,000 people. The company also revealed that it administered investments worth around 91.6 billion pounds for these people. If you run an ISA account with the company, you are able to withdraw your money without restrictions meaning you can withdraw the money at any given time.