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Theresa May Asks Parliament to Give Her Time to Make Brexit Happen without Causing a Financial Disaster


British Leader Theresa May is on a first-name basis with the leaders of the European Union. She’s trying to close a Brexit deal before the March 29th deadline. That’s when Britain will leave the EU one way or another. May spent two years trying to get a sweet exit deal for the U.K., but the Europeans don’t like her negotiating skills. May wants to keep the border open between Ireland and the U.K. after England leaves the EU. But she doesn’t want to abide by EU financial and other laws if Irish border stays open. May wants the U.K. to have the freedom without EU restrictions.

May tried to tell Parliament that the EU wouldn’t close the border as long as the U.K. plays by EU financial rules in terms of trade and other customs issues. The British Parliament wants no part of the Brexit deal that’s on the table. May wants permission to go back and try to convince the EU to reconsider their final Brexit offer. Brexiteer Boris Johnson wants May to add a “freedom clause” that would allow Britain to leave the EU without permission. European Union leaders already said that’s not going to happen.

Theresa May wants to keep the EU connection friendly and workable. She doesn’t want the U.K. to leave the EU without a firm deal. Leaving the EU without a deal would cripple Britain’s economy.

The “backstop” deal the U.K. and the EU agreed to implement 18 months ago is still a sticking point with a large number of Parliament members. The backstop clause locks the U.K. into a European Union customs arrangement unless a breakthrough in terms of a free trade deal comes to the surface.

Parliament may want their prime minister to ask the EU for more time if her final offer doesn’t work for the EU. If the offer doesn’t work for EU leaders, Parliament wants the leaders to delay the U.K.’s departure date. Some members of Parliament want to extend the departure date to the end of 2019. Other members want to give May until the end of February to work out a deal and then leave with no deal.

The people want to end the Brexit battle. Some U.K. citizens want to vote again. According to British news reports, the Russians influenced the first Brexit vote. Some of those reports say most people didn’t want to leave the EU in the first place.