Home Business Leader Tim L. Sann: Introducing Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection In Manufacturing Processes

Tim L. Sann: Introducing Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection In Manufacturing Processes


Tim L. Sann has been at the helm of Weather Shield for several years. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer where he has implemented several policies and strategies to see the door and window company move forward. His strategic policies in policies, production customization, pricing, and different designs have attracted accolades in the industry. Weather Shield has also attracted a considerable number of customers based on its operational efficiencies.

However, in the door and window industry, coming up with standout innovations plays a critical role in pushing the operations of the company forward. Addressing the needs of the community and the society, in general, helps a company to increase sales while at the same time addressing issues to do with corporate social responsibility. One of the major community aspects that Tim L. Sann has introduced in the company is taking care of the environment and enhancing the energy efficiencies of the doors and windows produced by the company.

Saving energy has turned out to be a moral obligation in the world. The increase in excessive use of energy has had some significant impacts on climate change in the world. Most of the companies have been looking for innovative strategies that can improve energy conservation in the world at large. Weather Shield has introduced a strategic policy of manufacturing doors and windows that are large enough to allow sufficient supply of natural light during the day.

By manufacturing wide doors and windows, Tim L. Sann is helping homeowners to cut on the energy cost used to light the houses during the day. The sufficient supply of natural light means that there is no need for the bulbs to be switched on. Another energy component introduced in the manufacture of doors and windows is that they filter infrared rays from the sun, which prevents excessive heating during the day. By controlling excessive heating during the day, the company is saving on the energy used to cool various houses.

Tim L. Sann has not only addressed energy conservation in the door and window manufacturing. He has been at the forefront of ensuring that all the manufacturing policies and strategies incorporate environmental sustenance and protection policies. To achieve this strategy, the company has been recycling aluminum, chemicals, vinyl, wood, paper, and glass among others, in the manufacturing process. According to the company statistics, more than 600 tons of solid waste materials are recycled every year. This prevents the disposal of hazardous and solid waste in the surroundings.

There have been other strategic policies that have been incorporated by Tim L. Sann to protect the surroundings. Using renewable sources of energy and making sure that there is reliable fuel utilization in the company plays a critical role in environmental protection. Most of the logistical and manufacturing processes have incorporated the necessary environmental protection policies.

Employees in the company are also gradually trained in environmental protection and sustenance. Weather Shield has received several awards due to energy conservation and environmental protection strategy, including the Business Friend of the Environment Award offered by Wisconsin Manufacturers.