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Traveling Vineyard Lets You Combine Wine, Friends and Extra Income

Traveling Vineyard
Traveling Vineyard

There are some things that are a completely natural fit, such as good wine, good friends and great conversation. If you could get paid to enjoy all three of those things at once, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? This is an opportunity that many women around the country have already taken advantage of through Traveling Vineyard, a company that sells direct-to-consumer wines through their wine guides. Wine guides with Traveling Vineyard get to host wine tastings at their friends’ homes and meet entirely new networks of friends while sharing their love of great vino.

If this process sounds incredibly simple and enticing to you, that is precisely how it is designed to be. Traveling Vineyard has arranged the perfect setup so that wine guides do not need to worry about storing the product in their homes and lugging it around town to deliver when their friends place an order. It is a commission based business, which means that the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can earn in a month or year. Many women get their start with Traveling Vineyard by doing it as a side hustle or as homemakers. There are plenty of examples of women who have been so successful with the business model offered by Traveling Vineyard that they have been able to quit their careers and work for Traveling Vineyard full-time. This could be the ideal situation for a mom with young children or someone looking to supplement her income to be able to take the vacation of a lifetime or save up for a major purchase.

You might think that you would need to know about wine in order to get started with Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide. The great news is that the company opens up this business plan for anyone interested in learning more about wine and provides more than enough educational materials for you to brush up on your vineyard knowledge or start learning about wine from the outset. Without inundating you with difficult explanations and unnecessary details, Traveling Vineyard gives you exactly what you need so that you feel comfortable sharing your new wine knowledge with friends and guests. You will be acquiring a new social skill at the same time that you are making sales and earning a commission.

As you become more comfortable selling as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard, there are even more opportunities to supplement your income. You can mentor new wine guides and build a team within your network, which means that you would earn an additional percentage of the sales that those wine guides bring in. The more that you are able to expand your network, the more potential you have to sell product and introduce other women to the great opportunities that Traveling Vineyard has to offer them.

Many women are intimidated by direct selling businesses because they do not want to feel obligated to push a product on their friends and family that they may not really want or need. The amazing thing about the wines from Traveling Vineyard is that they are consumable, which means that when your customers enjoy an amazing bottle from a recent order, they will be ready to order a refill. Wine is something that almost everyone keeps on hand for dinner parties and daily meals, which eliminates the potential pressure of you feeling like you are trying to sell a bag or nail polish that is not a useful purchase. You can take pride in representing Traveling Vineyard in that you know your friends and family will be buying bottles of wine that you would gladly serve at your own table.

The quality of the wine is definitely Traveling Vineyard’s claim to fame. Wine guides for Traveling Vineyard often purchase bottles out of their own inventory and enjoy a discounted rate because they have come to appreciate the unique flavors and smooth texture that all of the Traveling Vineyard wines are known for. You will have the chance to sample many of the most popular options from Traveling Vineyard when you purchase your starter kit in launching your own business. The starter kit will also include all of the supplies that you need to host your first wine tasting, such as wine glasses, note cards, invitations, wine educational materials and instructions to set up your own business website.

In addition to the financial benefits of working for Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide, the camaraderie and network that you can build are worth every penny of the initial investment. For mothers of young kids and those who have otherwise stressful careers, Traveling Vineyard is a way to escape the stress and pressure of the home or office. You can totally relax and enjoy your time away from all of life’s other responsibilities with the peace of mind that you are earning extra money for you and your family at the same time.

One of the many ways that Traveling Vineyard is different from other direct selling companies is that they offer separate reward points from your monthly income. You receive Traveling Vineyard reward points based on your sales for the month, and these points can be used for a wide range of different items, including a designer purse or an exotic cruise. This allows you to treat yourself without having to feel guilty that you took money out of your hard-earned paycheck from Traveling Vineyard to do something fun and spontaneous. There are different challenges and reward options updated on the Traveling Vineyard website, and you can also earn more points based on the overall sales of your team members.

In case you are still not sold on the prime opportunity to work as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard, the low cost of the starter kit should be enough to persuade you to take a chance. For just $189 you can start your own business and be on your way to financial stability.

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