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Trump Just Threatened Europe with $4 Billion Tariff Penalty for Funding Airbus


Mike Pence decided to stay home when the secret service told him there may be a few gays and lesbians in the crowd at his New Hampshire recovery center meeting. Pence was on the plane ready to spread a few Trumpians lies in Bernie Sanders territory when he got the news. Mr. Pence couldn’t give his best Trump ass-kissing performance if the people he hates confront him.

Mr. Trump wants to rattle Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell by nominating two economists who like Trump’s interest rate cut idea. Mr. Trump wants the Feds to cover his ass while he sends the U.S. economy into recession territory. Lawmakers have to confirm economists, Judy Shelton, and Christopher Waller before they can help Trump control the Federal Reserve.

The Commerce Department told U.S. tech companies Huawei is still on the blacklist even though Trump told President Xi he would lift the ban at the G20 Summit. Trump needs China to come back to the trade table, but if Huawei is still a problem, that may not happen. Mr. Trump told the press the trade talks started over the phone after the G20 meeting.

Europe wasn’t happy with Trump at the G20. The EU knew Trump wanted to add $4 billion in tariffs to European exports. Trump wants Europe to stop funding Airbus. Trump is a Boeing fan. Airbus is the people’s choice now that Boeing’s 737Max debacle proved Boeing likes to cut corners to save money. The new tariffs will impact whiskey, coffee, seafood, wine, clothing and other items Americans want to buy from Europe.

Trump agreed to print and send the new census without adding the citizenship question. The Supreme Court sent the case back to a lower court, so Trump told his lawyers to drop the case instead of going through the appeal process, again. But he changed his mind after the DOJ made that announcement. Trump still wants to add the question but according to the DOJ, the new census is in the works without the citizenship question.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s visit to a Trump migrant detention center turned ugly when she discovered border agents have a Facebook page. Several border agents’ posts show a deep disregard for the safety of the migrants. And other posts throw Democrats under the immigration bus in a cruel and demeaning way. The DHS opened an investigation to calm Democrats down and to fire the stupid agents if the DHS finds any.