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Trump Keeps Pushing Powell To The Edge Of A Financial Fiasco


Ben Netanyahu owed the Trumpster a couple of favors so he told Trump’s racist targets they can’t start spewing that “It’s all for the Benjamin” speech all over Telavi. Ben needs to get a government formed and sticking with the Trumpster might be his ace-in-the-hole.

Israel officials finally told Ben Rashida Tlaib only wants to visit her 90-year-old grandmother on the West Bank, and he needs to chill and let her do that. But Mr. Trump kept the racist fires burning in his tweets. It was obvious Netanyahu and Trump have business deals in the works. Trump has under-the-table-deals going with all his criminal allies.

Kim Jon Un, Prince Salman, and Ben Netanyahu have some business deals to attend to, according to European news reports. Trump likes to mix his business with government business. Trump’s mentioned North Korea’s beautiful oceanfront property on more than one of his rabbling, but empty explanations of his love affair with Kim.

Netanyahu is a frequent overnight guest of Jared and Ivanka, so Trump’s business deals with Ben started long before Trump let the Russians rip the tires of the American election process, according to the Washington Post.

The Saudi government and Trump have ongoing business deals. When Kushner needed to dump the Fifth Ave office building, he paid too much for, the Saudis found a buyer. And when Trump told Jared to put his Middle East/real estate deal together, Kushner relied on Ben and Prince Salman to come up with Trump’s peace proposal, and he would handle building a “Trump City” on the West Bank.

Wall Street finally woke up when the bond yield curve inverted. That news sent some of that foul-smelling Trump snake oil into an inflated market, according to Market Watch.

All of Trump’s tariffs have not hit the guts of the retail market yet. The first round of tariffs impacted products people may not buy every day, so the price increases don’t stand out as much. Investors know the next round of tariffs will slow the Gross Domestic Product growth to 1.8 percent at the end of September. If the Trump tariff charade continues, GDP growth at the end of the year could be less than zero.

But Trump still finds a way to blame the media and Jay Powell for one of the dumbest trade moves in the history of trade, according to Bloomberg. He picked a fight with a country he thought he could beat, but he underestimated how attached China is to the United States in all sectors of the economy.