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Trump Puts Kushner in Charge Of Trade Negotiations

New York Observer owner and publisher Jared Kushner, right, and editor in chief Peter Kaplan, left, stand next to a model of the Upper East Side development, the Laurel, at the Observer Living: Condo Showcase in New York, Sunday, Sept., 21, 2008. The Showcase featured 50 developments throughout New York City. (Photo/The New York Observer/Stuart Ramson)

Trump’s NATO meeting didn’t go the way he expected. Trump started bashing NATO before the summit started, and things went downhill from there. Mr. Trump and President Macron had a heated conversation about Trump’s NATO bashing, and the deal he made with Erdogan to send the Kurds in Syria to their maker.

Macron knows Trump wants to screw the EU. The Trumpster decided to tariff-screw France for adding a tax to American tech companies that make millions off European consumers. Boris Johnson liked that idea, so he told the press the U.K. might add a similar tax to American tech companies.

The president also let Brazil and Argentina know he plans to add more tariff pain to their shaky economies. Mr. Trump claims those two countries manipulate their currency in order to take Chinese farm orders away from American farmers.

Rudy Giuliani had several conversations with a phone number listed as “-1” on Rudy’s call record. Rudy was in constant contact with the Trumpster while his criminal crew smeared Marie Yovanovitch’s reputation. Mike Pompeo was also part of the Yovanovitch unjust firing, according to witness testimony.

Rudy is in deep legal swamp water now that his client Lev Parnas wants to tell lawmakers all he knows about the Trump plan to interfere with the 2020 election. But Rudy claims he did nothing wrong even though a grand jury sent him a subpoena. The grand jury wants to know why his name comes up during money laundering, wire fraud, campaign finance violations, obstruction of justice, and acting as a registered agent without a license, discussions.

Huawei plans to sue the U.S. government for illegally blocking the company from doing business in the United States. The FCC banned American tech companies from buying Huawei products. Trump claims Huawei spies for the Chinese government, but there’s no proof Huawei spies. Bill Barr, Trump’s legal lap dog, seconded that claim in front of the press.

The stock market gets excited every time Trump claims the trade deal is a done deal. But according to the Chinese, Trump will have to drop the tariffs if he wants a deal before the 2020 election. Instead of dropping the tariffs, the Trumpster put Jared Kushner in charge of the trade negotiations.

Mr. Kushner is Trump’s fixer. The president told the press Jared will oversee his 500-mile wall-building project. The first thing Jared did was hire a Trump donor with questionable construction standards to help build the wall. Now that he will sit in talks with the Chinese, it’s unclear what he’ll come up with to pen a trade deal.