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Trump Wanted $850 Billion To Control The Economic Fallout But Now He Wants $1 Trillion


A new NPR/PBS poll Shows only 37% of Americans think the president’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic will work. Mr. Trump’s overall approval rating is 43%, so that hasn’t changed much over the last three years. The president’s approval rating bounced between 43 and 46% over the last three years depending on his comments and actions, according to Politico.

Most of the president’s voter base is loyal, even though he called the coronavirus a hoax a couple of weeks ago. One or two Fox News reporters still think the pandemic is an attempt to hurt the president’s reelection campaign. Fox continues to make the pandemic about politics rather than fighting the worst pandemic in the United States since the 1918 flu outbreak.

Mr. Trump won all the Republican primaries, so he is officially the 2020 Republican candidate. But Mr. Trump’s campaign took a back seat once the president realized his reelection depends on how he handles the pandemic. But even though the president changed his tune concerning COVID-19, he still has to pull an economic rabbit out of his MAGA red hat before the November election. Most Wall Street economists think that won’t happen.

Presidents who faced reelection when the economy tanks don’t win their reelection bid. The economy is the measuring stick for the health of the nation, according to voters, and economic growth took a gut punch when the coronavirus reared its brutal head. Most economists think Gross Domestic Product growth could drop below 1% in March. Several Wall Street economists think a recession is a real possibility. A recession means GDP growth goes in the wrong direction for two straight quarters.

Mr. Trump held another press conference, and he made sure his Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin let the public know he plans to ask Congress for $1 trillion in emergency funding to stop the economic bleeding. Trump originally asked for $850 billion, but he realized that was not enough to handle the virus damage. The Senate wants to pass a coronavirus bill once they vote on Rand Paul’s amendment to pull all the troops out of Afghanistan. That amendment won’t pass, according to Mitch McConnell.

American taxpayers may get a $1,000 check from the government by the end of April, according to Mnuchin. Some lawmakers don’t think that’s enough to handle the financial pain from the pandemic, but it will help Mr. Trump improve his coronavirus job performance, according to the Washington Post.