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Trump Woes Xi Back To The Trade Talk Table


The G20 Summit is over. Mr. Trump claims he scored points with G20 members. But French President Macron had a heated meeting with Trump over climate change, and Trump’s light-hearted performance during his Putin meeting didn’t score points with his Republican minions. Mr. Trump had to go to South Korea in order to show the world he could still star in a reality show if his campaign falls apart in 2020.

According to the director of Christopher Newport University’s Wason Center for Public Policy, Rachel Bitecofer, Trump will lose the 2020 election. Bitecofer predicted the Democrats would win the House in 2018, so she has credibility when it comes to predicting election results.

Even though the stock market reacts to Trump’s half-baked statements about the economy, and his foreign policy decisions, more Americans think Trump’s decisions will cost the country economic growth and financial instability.

Mr. Trump’s decision to confront Iran was the point of no return for most foreign leaders. Even though Iran supports militia groups in several countries in the Middle East, most foreign leaders told Trump to layoff Iran during talks at the G20 summit.

Those leaders say Trump’s domestic and foreign policy decisions will be the catalyst for a global recession, according to the New York Times. According to government economic reports, GDP growth will be less than one percent in December 2019 if Trump continues his tariff and sanction wars.

The Stock Market isn’t reacting to economic fundamentals anymore. Investors react to Trump’s statements and actions more than what’s happening in the economic and financial world, according to the Washington Post. If Trump tweets a nasty warning about Iran’s quest to stockpile uranium, the market reacts. If a Trump tweet says China will buy a lot more farm products, farmers and investors react in a positive way even though the president’s claims are not facts.

That’s why economists say the U.S. will be in recession territory by the second quarter of 2020. Mr. Trump is bad for business. Second-quarter earnings will fall short of Wall Street’s expectations, according to CNBC. Trump’s claim that his great economy will continue thanks to low unemployment is more Trump hype, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump convinced President Xi to talk about a trade deal again. But he gave up a lot to make that happen. Xi will try to make a deal with Trump, but the deal isn’t going to be what Trump wants, according to China’s news agency. China won’t let Trump claim victory without damaging what’s left of his presidency and America’s economy, according to the Times.