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Trump’s Budget Deficit Keeps Economists Awake At Night


The Queen told Harry he could live in Canada with Meghan six months a year. Meghan got a voice acting job after Harry told Bob Iger his wife needed a Disney voice acting job. Meghan couldn’t act when it came to showing how she feels about the British press. She never threw the royals under the bus in public, but her friends say Meghan didn’t want son Archie to grow up trapped in Buckingham Palace’s air of nobility.

Trump’s ready for the Senate to exonerate him now that Pelosi said she’ll send the articles of impeachment to Mitch McConnell this week. Mitch told the Senate he didn’t know what Nancy accomplished by holding the articles. But she did cause a crack in Mitch legion of Trumpians. At least four senators want to hear from witnesses. And Rand Paul and Mike Lee gave Trump the finger when he decided to make up reasons why he committed an act of terror.

Mr. Trump told the press it didn’t matter if Soleimani didn’t have a missile game-plan. All that matters to the Trumpster is Soleimani was collateral damage in his quest to get reelected. The Pentagon chief and the national security chief showed how far they are up Trump’s butt when they tried to cover-up the president’s devious intentions. Mr. Trump started talking about drone-frying Soleimani in 2017.

Iran’s President Rouhani wants a special international court to examine how and why Iran’s anti-missile defense system couldn’t tell the difference between a passenger jet and a missile. Rouhani told the press blowing up the plane was inexcusable.

The economy needs help now that Trump took another step that will upset supply chains and erode consumer confidence. Most Americans say they feel more unsafe now that the Trumpster poked the Iranian bear. If consumer confidence keeps falling, Gross Domestic Product growth falls with it.

Steve Mnuchin said the Boeing fiasco will shave .05 percent off of 2020s GDP growth. If that happens, economic growth will drop below two percent in 2020. And if Trump doesn’t resolve his tech fight with China, consumers will pay more than $35 billion in tariff-taxes this year. That money would usually buy products and services.

But the real flies in the economic ointment is the out-of-control growth of the budget deficit and the national debt. The budget deficit is 11.8 percent higher than this time last year. That means the deficit will be more than $1 trillion in 2020 and will stay in the trillions each year for the next ten years.