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Trump’s Great Economy Is Toilet-Bound


Former White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci wasn’t happy when Trump told the press his old pal was a loser. Scaramucci said Trump has a habit of throwing people to the curb if they disagree with him or throw shade his way. Scaramucci got on Trump’s nerves when he told Trump his visit to El Paso was a disaster.

El Paso local news reports claim Trump got kicked off the El Paso island when he said the city is a haven for immigrants who have nasty criminal intentions. Trump said that on his journey to build a border wall in his honor. Mr. Trump got 26 percent of the Latino vote in 2016. Pollsters say he might get 13 percent in 2020 unless Russia throws in phony Latino votes.

Mr. Trump claims China will cry uncle before the 2020 election. Most farmers still believe him, but Wall Street knows better, according to the Times. Even though all the farm contracts from China no longer exist, farmers still want to believe Trump will win his trade war. The farmers want to get even for China screwing them all these years when it came to negotiating prices. But that was the farmer’s fault for not understanding how to negotiate with the Chinese, according to the Washington Post.

The stock market is on shaky trade-war ground. The stock market may get worse before it gets better, according to Wall Street economists. Trump wants the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates to offset his current and future trade war loses. But some economists think rate cuts won’t stimulate economic growth because of Trump’s tariffs and sanctions.

Economists know additional tariffs on consumer-related Chinese products will slow down the U.S. economy more than it is now. Second-quarter GDP growth was 2.1 percent. Third-quarter growth will drop to 1.8 percent, according to government economists.

Most American allies know Trump’s tariffs and trade war with China are the recipes for a recession. Trump turned the Persian Gulf area into a tinderbox that’s ready to explode anytime. His plan to put tariffs on European vehicles will also impact the economy. Plus, he wants to let Europe know he is in charge of global trade.

If the economists are right, Mr. Trump will have to increase the dose of snake oil he gives his Trumpians to survive his toilet-bound economy, according to the Times.