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Trump’s Great Unemployment Numbers Are Inflated


Mike Pence is bouncing around the world spreading Trumpian nationalistic nonsense. Mr. Pence believes in keeping migrants in cages and he claims the LGBTQ community is evil. Mike claims he’s a Christian, but his version of Christianity discriminates, judges, and disrespects people who have different beliefs, according to the Washington Post.

Mike will visit Iceland to take credit for the $57 million the U.S. will spend there to beef up the U.S. military infrastructure in that country. But Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir won’t greet Pence when he gets off the plane on September 3rd. She will be in Sweden when Mike arrives. It seems she made those plans before she knew about the Pence visit. Prime Minister Jakobsdottir will give a speech to the Council of Nordic Trade Unions’ in Sweden on September 3rd.

Being shunned by European leaders is a common occurrence for Mike Pence. Europe is a Trump tariff target, and Europeans are sick of the hate-filled rhetoric Pence likes to dish out when he’s in front of a foreign audience. According to European news reports, Mike Pence is an insincere bigot who likes to rub Trump’s snake oil all over the EU. Mike’s job is to promote Trump’s foreign agenda, but that agenda is more about control than forming partnerships, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump got his feelings hurt when Denmark’s prime minister told Trump buying Greenland was an absurd idea. Mr. Trump didn’t like the word “absurd.” He canceled his Trip and let the prime minister know she made his loser list. Mr. Trump wants to buy Greenland to stop China and Russia’s attempts to control that part of the world.

The Feds may cut interest rates in September, but another rate cut might not help energize Trump’s sluggish economy, according to the New York Times. A 2008-type recession could develop in the U.S. by June 2020, according to Wall Street economists. The inverted bond yield curve and the drop in Gross Domestic Product growth indicate economic trouble. And Trump’s trade war with China will help bring the recession to the states faster than expected, according to the Washington Post.

Trump claims his low unemployment numbers and low inflation will keep the economy strong. But Trump’s unemployment numbers include 501,000 jobs that didn’t exist in March 2019. There were more than 145,000 fewer retail jobs, and 175,000 fewer workers in the restaurant and hotel sector. Plus, the job numbers in other sectors of the economy like manufacturing and tech brought the total to 501,000 fewer jobs than reported, according to the Associated Press.