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Trump’s Great War Weapons And Tax Cut Will Produce A Trillion Dollar Deficit In 2019


Trump drew the lines in the sand when he called those four Congresswomen deadbeats who hate America. Trump told them to go back home. But 29 other immigrant Congressmen didn’t feel Trump’s politically motivated racist exhibition. They were all white. “Screw the constitution,” according to Trump. “America is the land of the free as long as they are white.”

Trump’s remarks gave racists around the country an injection of racist fury, Trump-style. Trump said there were plenty of people who don’t like brown or black people. Twitter blew up with comments that supported Trump’s claim. That level of disregard for the constitution got him in the Most Racist President in America Club, according to historians. There’s only one other member, Andrew Johnson, and he got what some Democrats want to give the Trumpster. Johnson went through the impeachment process, but Trump won’t be that lucky, according to Pelosi.

Huawei decided to show Trump he can kiss their technology goodbye when CEO Ren Zhengfei announced he had enough of Trump’s bullying. Ren plans to invest more than $3 billion over the next three years to develop Italy’s 5G platform. Trump’s trade war screw a few U.S. tech companies out of participating with Huawei on the Italian 5G project.

Mr. Trump claims China steals tech secrets from the U.S., but that’s a lie. China’s is way ahead of the United States in terms of AI development and developing a 5G network. China’s 5G network is the network Europe will use thanks to Trump imposing more tariffs for funding Airbus. The tariffs hurt consumers in both countries, but the real damage is supply chain disconnects and the lack of trust, according to the New York Times.

Iran’s foreign minister told the press Iran wants to hear what Trump has to say about a new nuclear deal. They might even name the new deal after Trump so if they break it they can always say it was one of Trump’s bad deals.

The federal deficit will hit $1 trillion in 2019. The national debt is $22 trillion. Mr. Trump’s tax cut will add $1 trillion every year for the next four years to the national debt, according to Trump’s Office of Management and Budget. Trump told his 2016 voter base he would reduce the budget, but in reality, he opened the floodgates and federal debt keeps blowing the socks off the budget.