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Trump’s Trash Talk About The Southern Border Will Hit The U.S. Economy Hard


Trump has a lot on his presidential dance card. Congressional committees are in the process of unraveling his complex financial and business deals. And Congressman Adam Schiff wants to dig into his relationship with Russia. Trump claims the Mueller report exonerated him from any Russian connections. But according to Schiff, Barr exonerated the president, not Mueller. Mueller’s report implicates him but doesn’t call for prosecution, according to unnamed DOJ officials. Mueller wants Congress to do that.

The security clearance debacle is another political thorn in the president’s McDonald’s loving side. According to a veteran White House security official, 25 people got security clearances after security officials denied their applications. Those applications didn’t pass because of conflict of interest issues, foreign influence, drug use, potential blackmail, as well as other issues that could impact national security.

Tricia Newbold told Congress the Trump Administration pulled rank on security officials and Trump approved those 25 applications. Some reports say two of those people are part of Trump’s family. But Congress didn’t release the names of the 25 special people who obviously have some special relationship with the president.

But the biggest thorn in Trump’s side is the Southern border. Mr. Trump can’t stand the fact that thousands of migrants want asylum in the United States. Trump likes to call them illegal immigrants to prove his point. But for the most part, the people knocking on the Southern border’s overcrowded door are people who live in fear in their own countries.

If Trump closes the border, Americans will feel the economic pain of that decision. Thousands of Mexican workers legally cross the border every day. Automobile and computers parts come across the border. And 40 percent of the avocados in the U.S. come across that border along with thousands of bottles of tequila and bushels of limes.

According to the Washington Post, the economic damage caused by a border closure will rock the U.S. economy. The strong economy Trump likes to brag about isn’t a reality now that Trump tariffs continue to eat into consumers’ pocketbooks. And his trade war with China keeps raising retail prices. Economists say Gross Domestic Product growth will be a meager 2.1 percent at the end of 2019. But a border closure will have a negative impact on that percentage.

Congress will try to stop Trump from landing another serious blow to the economy. But economists say the recent yield curve flip in the bond market is a sign that a recession is on the way.