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The Trumpster Gives One Of His Big Donors Part Of His Wall Building Project

Construction crews from Barnard Construction of Bozeman, Montana, stage material needed for the Santa Teresa Border Wall Replacement project near the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. The staging area, located at the abandoned Rio Grande Speedway in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, also showcases a scaled down example of what the bollard stye wall will look like. Photos by Mani Albrecht U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Public Affairs Visual Communications Division

Kim Jon Un wants to stay in the press loop. He just told the president to stop giving him the Trump rope-a-dope and start talking about lifting sanctions. Kim said Mr. Trump will get an unexpected holiday gift if he doesn’t cut the crap and set up a meeting by the end of the year that gives North Korea the right to make nuclear weapons.

But the Trumpster has another Royal dinner with the Queen on his mind. It’s unclear whether Mr. Trump will bring up Prince Andrew now that his accuser is in town bashing the prince for not being a man and admitting he boned her when she was seventeen. Virginia Giuffre was one of Epstein victims, and she wants him to admit he was penis-deep in the whole sordid Epstein affair.

Mr. Trump didn’t waste time when he got to London. He let NATO members know they need to open their wallets and pay more of the security bill. Trump also threw shade at Macron for telling the press NATO was “brain dead.” The Trumpster doesn’t like it when other leaders come up with better shade than he throws.

NATO members voted to drop the percentage the U.S. pays NATO from twenty-two percent to sixteen. Germany pays the same percentage, but during his wild pre-NATO summit rant, Trump said Germany should pay more. He also called Pelosi and company “crazy” for talking about censuring him. The Trumpster still swears his Zelensky conversation will go down in history as “perfect.”

The Chinese brought up blackballing American companies and American citizens for siding with Hong Kong. Trump continues to irritate Beijing. The trade talks hit another roadblock when Mr. Trump threatened to jack up the tariff percentage, again. He still won’t take the December 15th tariff increase off the table, and that is a deal-breaker for the Chinese. Phase one is in the Trumpian tariff weeds.

President Trump promised his voter base 500 miles of border wall will be on display by election day 2020. The government has 85 miles of wall in service, but the government doesn’t own the land to build a big chunk of the wall. Mr. Trump put Jared Kushner in charge of the wall-building project. Jared hired a deep-pockets, Republican donor with a shady business track record to build part of the wall for $400 million.