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Two Huge Companies Hint at Creating Their Own Currencies


Many people around the world are well-versed with both Amazon and Starbucks. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer that ships out an immensely wide range of products worldwide. Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee companies with locations all across the world. Considering that, it makes sense that these two giant companies would want to remain at the forefront of technology. With that in mind, both of these companies recently hinted that they might join the cryptocurrency world soon.

While it’s true that Amazon has made no official announcements about explicitly creating their own currencies, there is evidence being presented that is causing many to feel that this will change. Cryptocurrency website Cointelegraph reports that Amazon recently signed a deal with Blockchain company R3 in order to utilize their Corda platform.

After the news of this signing between these two companies, a poll was conducted concerning the public view of Amazon possibly releasing their own currency. The survey found that 61% of those surveyed stated that they would trust Amazon either the same or bank than their own banks in regards to currency safety.

Starbucks has made more of a commitment to bring some sort of cryptocurrency in the near future. The Executive Chairman of Starbucks named Howard Schultz has been hinting at creating some form of a digital currency for this company. That being said, it has been noted that Schultz is looking to create currency that can only be used at Starbucks locations and not the next Bitcoin.

It’s understandable to think that these developments could be mere rumors. However, certain experts within the field of cryptocurrency feel that these developments could be coming sooner than the world expects. Strategist Tom Lee from Fundstrat reported expecting cryptocurrency strategies from Starbucks and Amazon to be released within this year.

To summarize, the world of cryptocurrency has seen many investors and companies look to get on-board this revolution in currency. It appears that Amazon and Starbucks may soon be entering into the world of cryptocurrency. Amazon turned many heads within the cryptocurrency world after signing a deal with the R3 company. Starbucks appears to be looking into releasing their own form of currency that customers can use to purchase items from this company.