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U.S. Money Reserve Releases Reagan Platinum Coin

U.S. Money Reserve Ronald Reagan coin

Following the world of precious metal coins tends to uncover a variety of interesting offerings from companies around the world. Coins such as these are often minted to commemorate special events or notable figures in history. Still, some coins stand out from the others, and when an especially enticing offering is made available, we strive to spread the word. Such is the case with the recently announced platinum Ronald Reagan coin available from U.S. Money Reserve, one of the leaders in the field of government-issued coins and precious metals. Read on for a closer look at what sets this company and its products apart from others.

Unique Offering

As would be expected with an offering of this stature, it is being produced in extremely limited quantities and will not be released into general circulation. Not only does this mean that the coin will be inaccessible to the vast majority of citizens, but also that the coin is being offered exclusively to customers of U.S. Money Reserve.

This release has been a long time in the making and is the result of a strenuous planning and design process, as well as long-term collaboration with the company’s partners abroad. Although the company is known for its attention to quality, this coin represents yet another milestone toward the goal of topnotch caliber.

Coin Details

While the exclusiveness of the offering is a prime attractor for buyers, the actual appearance and quality of the item have helped to underscore the market value of the coin. With a noted attention to detail, the coin has been making waves in an industry that is used to excellent craftsmanship. This is indicative not only of the strength of the international partnerships from which this coin was struck, but also of the unique blending of new technologies with artistic mastery.

Ronald Reagan Platinum coin, by U.S. Money Reserve

Though the authorized maximum for production is 2,000, there are only 750 coins being issued at this time, making the already-rare item that much more difficult to attain. It also makes the offering one of the lowest—by total available units—in the company’s history. The one-ounce coin is comprised of .9995 fine platinum and is authorized as official government-issued legal tender. Its platinum content, weight, and purity are also verified.

Image in Depth

One of the purposes of the coin, designed by American artist Joel Iskowitz, is to showcase Ronald Reagan in a new way, allowing the public to view the former president in a manner that highlights his statesmanship. The reverse shows the man in profile, metaphorically looking toward a bright future that he strove to create. An American flag is set against the mirror-proof finish. Inscriptions finish out the side’s details by identifying the image as “Ronald Reagan” and proudly displaying the familiar adornment “In God We Trust.” The year of issue is also displayed as a Roman numeral, a rare design choice for an offering such as this.

The coin’s other side is a tribute to one of the many recognitions that was bestowed upon Ronald Reagan over the course of his historic life. He was made an honorary knight, which is the highest honor Britain can bestow upon an American. In part to commemorate this rare achievement, the coin features an official portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The striking image captures the prestige of the well-known public figure with a new and dazzling finish. The inclusion of the queen’s image makes this a rare opportunity to own a coin featuring both public figures.

Company Behind the Coin

U.S. Money Reserve is a purveyor of government-issued coins and precious metals. A well-respected leader in its field, the company has the unique distinction of being the only gold company headed by a former director of the U.S. Mint, Philip N. Diehl. With Diehl’s long career at the crossroads of public currency issuance and personal financial freedom, he has brought a litany of new perspectives to his current company. His attention to the unique factors affecting the market value of precious metals today can be seen throughout the firm under his guidance.

One clear indicator of this success is the satisfaction and positive reviews the company has enjoyed because of its strong customer service. With account executives on hand to personally guide customer choices and a rapid response rate that is the envy of others in the industry, the company is a favorite choice for those seeking new and rare coins. In recognition of the many ways in which the company serves its customers, it has been awarded a coveted AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

Because many coins have been issued by numerous entities throughout the years, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to keep them all straight. However, the most notable examples of workmanship and quality tend to stand out. Such is the case with U.S. Money Reserve as it breaks new ground with its platinum Ronald Reagan coin. The coin is making news not only for its rarity, but also for the stark images it portrays and the way it showcases the underlying market value of the platinum of which it is comprised.