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U.S. Students Embrace Cryptocurrency


Does age matter when it comes to owning cryptocurrency? While no age limit exists for anyone wishing to purchase digital money, cryptocurrency clearly appeals to young people. A recent study reveals that 18% of U.S. students own cryptocurrency. Considering how large the number of students in the United States is, 18% reflects an incredible figure. The figure also tells quite a bit about the attitudes today’s young people have towards technology. They are comfortable with tech-driven virtual currency. Debates exist regarding whether this is a good thing. The cryptocurrency market continually reflects volatility. Younger persons might not fully realize how this affects personal net worth and finances.

The cryptocurrency market shows volatility at times. If the price of a particular digital currency drops dramatically, anyone holding those assets loses value. Older, wiser investors usually know it is wise to hedge money held in cryptocurrency. Younger persons, lacking such experience, may put too much of their funds in cryptocurrency. Doing so puts personal savings at risk.

Then again, young people may only keep a small amount of money in a cryptocurrency wallet. Anyone solely intending to use cryptocurrency for purchases probably doesn’t hold a high balance in a virtual wallet.

Sociologically, the 18% figure reveals a lot about young persons’ attitudes about technology. Young people grew up in a high-tech world. So, they are more trusting of technological things. The high percentage may be surprising to older persons who aren’t attracted to cryptocurrency. Younger people, however, don’t see anything “strange” about digital money. A combination of modern essential tech gadgets combined with science-fiction entertainment’s influences does impact attitudes. Barring a significant cryptocurrency market crash, don’t look for college-age students to change their beliefs about cryptocurrency.

Young people may be foreshadowing future attitudes towards cryptocurrency. As the years move on, 18% of the entire population might embrace digital funds.