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Uber to Appeal TFL Decision in Court


According to reports from British newspapers, Tom Elvidge speaking for Uber asked what the company would do to get a license to operate in London. For this to happen, the ride-hailing app firm must hold productive talks with Transport for London. This is the body that oversees transport in London including trains and cabs. According to Greg Hands who is Minister for London, the decision by labor unions in Britain to criticize Uber was astonishing. According to a statement released by Transport for London, Uber is no fit to be issued with a private hire operator license. According to Tom Elvidge who’s the general manager of Uber in London, the company had not been requested to make any changes. However, he expressed the desire of the firm to know what they would do. He further mentioned that the process required a dialogue that had not happened yet. While speaking on behalf of Transport for London, its spokesman said that further comments about the issue would be deemed as inappropriate. Sources close to Uber say that the company has been seeking to hold a meeting with Sadiq Khan since he became London’s mayor in 2016. The same sources confirmed that all these requests had been rejected.

The current license expires on 30th September, and this has resulted to 680,000 petitions for Londoners wishing for the company to continue its operations in the city. While the London mayor was responding to a petition by charge.org, he noted that Uber has 21 days to appeal the decision by TFL. During this process, the American company can continue with its operation until the appeals are exhausted. In declining to offer Uber a license extension, TFL cited a host of issues. The company said that Uber failed on several safety issues, insufficient driver checks when hiring drivers and refusing to report criminal offenses that were considered serious. However, it has emerged that should Uber make changes to its policies, they will most likely benefit drivers and passengers. Benefits for drivers will most probably increase by increasing their holiday pay and reducing or limiting their working hours. Uber through a series of tweets said that it would challenge the decision in court. The firm said that it would do this to protect consumers’ choice and drivers’ livelihoods. It defended its drivers by saying that all their drivers are licensed with TFL. Uber also tweeted saying that they have been keen in following the procedure of reporting crimes.