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Uber Company Set to Introduce an App That Will Be Used to Determine Drunk Passengers


The intended application is set to be introduced by Uber Company will be utilized to judge a passenger’s drunkenness depending on the way they walk, type and hold their mobile phones. The company has been reported to have applied for a patent to use Artificial Intelligence to ascertain how drunk the potential passengers might be.

The application that is utilized to summon for rides is potentially able to feed other data to the driver. This includes a passenger’s location, how accurately they are using their phone, i.e., typing and even the angle that they are holding their phone or tablet at. The application could assist drivers who may not wish to transport inebriated passengers. Critics have hit back saying that the application could be used to identify vulnerable riders. According to reports by Uber Company to the United States patent office, the intended system would effectively spot all uncharacteristic user activity. Uber Company doesn’t possess the ultimate track record when it comes to the collection of information.

Back in 2014, it was reported that the firm used a certain software program that was known as God view. They used the software to track and monitor the real-time locations of drivers and customers. The system, together with rampant breach of data that often exposed private data about more than 100,000 Uber driver, made the organization introduce durable measures to safeguard the privacy of customers and drivers.

The organization’s co-founder Travis Kalanick was reported to have resigned back in the June of 2017. The co-founder decided to quit over allegations of sexual harassment. The scandal affected the car hire company significantly. Travis stepped down so that the investigations could be done more efficiently. According to a report released by various press, more than 100 Uber drivers have in the past been accused of sexually abusing or assaulting passengers. In the past four years, the company has been faced with diverse lawsuits. Around 31 drivers have so far been found guilty of these crimes. However, others have been imprisoned and convicted for false rape and other sexual harassment cases. Critics argued that the application to monitor the behavior of riders could be used by the Uber drivers who have intentions of preying on the vulnerable passengers. The Uber firm noted in a statement that they are consistently coming up with new technology that will better the experience of all drivers and riders.