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How to Secure and Enhance The User Experience with OneLogin’s Single Sign-On Service


For someone who has tried to remember in vain each password, they created for every app or website they access, the Onelogin’s single sign-on service is a welcome relief. With this portal, you never have to make a list of all website passwords or other permissions you need to access sites and apps. This not only saves time but ensures that you have the necessary permits when you need them from anywhere.


What is the OneLogin’s Sign on Service?



This is a portal that allows you access to all your cloud or firewall based web apps using just one set of permissions or credentials. The right to access runs through all your devices be it laptops, mobile phones or the desktop. This means that when you have to work on the same app but from different devices, you do not have to use different credentials or log in separately. This service not only makes it easier to access apps but helps companies manage and control users who log in to their sites through different applications.



Is the Service Safe?



The question of safety arises when users have to use a single password or central domain to access other essential platforms. This single sign-on system comes with security features that demand complicated password settings such as the use of unique, long and mixed characters and timed sessions. When your session on the portal prolongs, the system may request you to log in again. The system will also demand that you keep on changing the password and always create a unique one without recycling an old one at any given time. This ensures data security and limits chances of unauthorized persons’ access to the portal.



Why should you consider this service?



A unified management system


For a large organization, it might be tricky when you want to roll out new applications or manage existing end users. With the single sign-on system, you can manage users from all walks of life regardless of their time zone and location. The same applies to companies managing different branches. They can integrate new applications and use existing ones with ease, which quickens and simplifies operations. This central portal also makes communication easier across branches.


It Saves time


Because you only require one set of logging details for all applications including domains, it will free up time especially if you have to work on multiple platforms. For instance, you

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may need to access two or more websites at the same time. Using the single sign-in portal, you can do this with ease and obtain the information you need. This is especially beneficial to companies that require access to clients onsite browsing information through different platforms.


Some may experience difficulties accessing the information because they need to use the same application or domain because sharing and origin policies inhibit the process and make it difficult for any other app or domain to access the information other than the one that initially made a request. If you need to share the data across domains or apps, this gets complicated, and although there are ways you can go about it, they are tedious and time-consuming. With the single sign-on service, you get to retract, share and analyze data freely without compromising on security. This saves time and makes data analysis manageable.


An all-inclusive service portal


It so happens that some single sign-on services require you to have different portals for corporate and personal apps. With the Onelogin’s portal, you can access all your corporate and private apps on the same platform. You can safely add personal apps and manage them through the portal.


Easy Sign in Process


Because companies and websites demand customers to log in to access more information or access some sensitive platforms, the need to make the process easy and fast is real. You may lose customers just because the sign in process was not friendly. To curb this, the Onelogin’s single sign-on portal makes it possible for customers to sign in using credentials that they use on other platforms. Just by a single click allowing the portal access to these credentials, they can have access to the site. For instance, a user can sign in using Facebook logging details to the site. The most commonly used and accepted credentials are from Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn. The portal’s admins can process the details with ease and grant the required permissions and information.


No language barriers


Onelogin takes into consideration that not all people who access the service have English as their first language. To accommodate international clients, the portal is available in twenty-one different languages. Once you log in, the platform is available in your default browser’s set language. This means that you do not have to try to get the desired language unless you want to change your default language to a more appropriate one. For instance, your browser settings may indicate English as the default language, but you would like to access the portal in French. The user-friendly platform helps you achieve this and personalize the portal to your liking.


As you will find out the ease of use, security and robustness that come with the service make it a preferred choice for businesses looking for a more accessible, faster and manageable platform they can access all their website and apps’ information from anywhere without worrying about compromising their security.