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Voyager Is Advancing Plans To Offer Fifteen Cryptocurrencies With No Fees


One of the first investors in Uber is planning to provide no fee trades for a minimum of fifteen different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Bitcoin. Stephen Ehrlich is enabling customers to purchase and sell digital assets using in excess of a dozen different trading venues. The fees for commission have been waved to compete with the stock trading app Robinhood. This app offers trading for five cryptocurrencies with no fees. Voyager plans on making up the revenue difference with a better price when the trade is executed.

Voyager believes by showing cryptocurrency prices from ten different exchanges in addition to three United States market makers they can provide better prices than customers can obtain from one exchange such as Binance or Coinbase. Stephen Ehrlich stated there is no liquidity from trading on one exchange. He entered the cryptocurrency sector a year ago and is using his experience as a professional and individual investor in equities for the cryptocurrency market. For more details please visit http://fortune.com/2018/07/25/cryptocurrency-bitcoin-free-trading-voyager/.

The co-founders of Voyager include Uber’s Chief Technology Officer and founding architect Oscar Salazar. He has raised capital for the business and serves as the main tech advisor. The Chief Product Officer is Gaspard de Druezy and Philip Eytan is the Board Chairman. Beta testing for the non-commission app begins this week and is scheduled for release in October. Additional functionality for institutional investors and hedge funds will be offered including analysis features and cryptocurrency news. This is intended to provide assistance in decisions regarding purchasing and selling.

The fifteen digital currencies that will be provided by Voyager have not yet been finalized. This will include the 25 cryptocurrencies currently considered the most valuable. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic among others. Stephen Ehrlich stated the cryptocurrencies traded by the most prominent individuals will be included. Voyager is strongly considering major cryptocurrencies including Steller Lumens and XRP but is checking to make certain secure storage is possible prior to making a final decision.

Voyager is planning to rollout their free trading products on a gradual basis. They still need to obtain the necessary United States licenses. They currently have license in several states including Massachusetts, Montana, California, New Hampshire and Missouri. Applications are currently pending with additional states. New York requires a BitLicense for all cryptocurrency exchanges prior to conducting business. The ultimate goal is to be operational in a minimum of forty states in the United States.