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Washington D.C. And Illinois Could Be Next To Legalize Sports Wagering


States around the country are considering proposals to legalize sports wagering within their borders. Mere months ago the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states had the right to establish their own laws in relation to sports wagering. The court said that federal restrictions against doing so were unconstitutional and thus struck them down.

Various states have reacted differently to this notion. Some have rushed in and legalized sports wagering already. Nevada, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Delaware are on the board as having legalized sports wagering. Many others are expected to join in soon.

Usbets.com has reported that Washington D.C. and Illinois are both considering getting in on sports wagering. However, each place is taking on the task with a different level of seriousness at the moment. Washington D.C. seems a lot more eager to get sports wagering up and running within its borders than does Illinois.

Washington D.C. is concerned that Virginia and Maryland are going to legalize sports wagering soon, and the nation’s capital wants to get out ahead of that so as to start bringing in more tax revenues from this and so that they have a system set up and in place for gamblers. Getting the head start on that may help make D.C. more competitive when Virginia and Maryland do vote to legalize it.

The capital is pushing through legislation to legalize, tax, and regulate sports wagering within their borders. It appears likely that this could be in place by early 2019 if not sooner. Illinois on the other hand appears to have definitely pushed out the decision on legal sports wagering until at least 2019. They just don’t seem as eager to want to join the party. They seem to want to make sure they get everything exactly right before taking any kind of concrete steps towards legalization.

Many of the places that already have legal sports wagering have strong gambling traditions in the first place. Nevada has had legal sports wagering for a very long time as they were specifically carved out of the federal regulation that prohibited the practice. These days it will not even be necessary to travel all the way out to Las Vegas just to lay down a legal wager on sports. It may even take away from some of the tourist appeal to Las Vegas as wagering becomes legal elsewhere. For now we can just wait and watch.