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What’s Next? U.S. Money Reserve Advises on Impending Bear Market

US Money Reserve Bear Market

By many measures, the stock market and other related financial markets are experiencing some of their most impressive levels of growth in years. In fact, growth has been so robust of late that we are now entering the longest bull market in history. With such a rise in market values, optimism is high among a large swath of buyers. However, numerous experts in the financial world now believe we are in store for a regression in valuations. One such prediction comes in the form of a new e-book from U.S. Money Reserve, one of the leading distributors of U.S. government–issued coins. In the book, the company shares information on what they see as an impending bear market. Read on for a closer look at this resource, as well as an overview of the company.

Organizational Overview of U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve occupies a unique place in the world of coin distribution, as it is the only precious metals company led by a former United States Mint Director. Philip Diehl served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint and has subsequently brought a passion for public service and encouraging financial independence to his current position. Additionally, the company utilizes his expertise in precious metals to help bolster their commitment to customer service and providing relevant financial information.

Account executives work directly with customers to apply firsthand knowledge to their financial goals. The executives place specific emphasis on explaining the important details of U.S. government–issued legal tender. These professionals have an overarching goal of building lasting and meaningful relationships with each client. For this reason, they work directly with client portfolios to ensure clients choose the right coins to maximize the potential benefits of a precious metals purchase.


In a recently released resource, the company seeks to demystify some little-understood aspects of the stock market for its clients. In the form of an e-book entitled “Why This Bear Market Will Be Different,” the company begins by addressing the topic of over-valuation. Simply put, this term touches on the idea that the current prices of many stocks are above the inherent market value they should hold in a completely “rational market.” Since prevailing economic theories hold that the costs of all goods have a tendency to trend toward their inherent market values, over-valuation is an indicator that the stock market may see a prolonged downward correction, which is the hallmark of a bear market.

Two indicators of over-valuation addressed in the new resource are the Case-Shiller Index and the CAPE ratio. The Case-Shiller Index is a method of tracking house prices across the country and includes information at national, state and local levels. It is calculated by Standard & Poor’s and is updated monthly. Alternatively, the CAPE (Cyclically Adjusted Price to Earnings) ratio is a method of looking at a longer-term view of the stock market. It utilizes real earnings per share over a 10-year period to help account for fluctuations in corporate profits that one might reasonably expect to be present across different periods in the typical earnings cycle of a business. Together, these two tools provide buyers with a useful methodology for analyzing the valuation of the stock market.

Market Differences

Another topic addressed by the new e-book is the idea that the impending bear market—and in many ways the current bull market—may be different from others we have seen in the past. Related to its analysis on over-valuation, the resource breaks down the components of the market into easily understandable characteristics that show how the modern economy has changed and evolved in many significant ways.

A key component to this analysis is a look at the Federal Reserve, a government agency that has traditionally helped steer the economy through a variety of measures. One central question raised in the resource is whether or not the Federal Reserve has the tools necessary to help mitigate the potentially damaging effects of a market downturn. In addition, the resource provides an analysis of the risks posed if a downturn cannot be avoided and market valuations dip for a prolonged period of time.

Although stock market values and other measures of financial wealth are currently experiencing a period of increasing growth, prudent buyers are starting to question whether or not these types of market trends are sustainable into the future. As more and more warning signs mount that we could be heading for a bear market, many people with money tied up in stocks and other financial assets are seeking advice on how to avoid costly corrections. U.S. Money Reserve, which has long stood as a leader in its industry, has now released information seeking to inform on exactly this topic. By understanding the information in the coming e-book and seeking further resources through the company’s online presence, buyers can stave off the worst effects of a possible bear market.

Emphasis on Customer Service

One of the reasons that U.S. Money Reserve has become such a trusted name in precious metals and financial analysis is the company’s sterling reputation when it comes to serving its customers. Not only do U.S. Money Reserve’s professionals come from many walks of professional life, but the company also has numerous policies in place to help ensure that customers receive unparalleled attention to detail with respect to their accounts.

A great example of this is the turnaround time for any orders placed through the company. Owing to a large supply of on-hand coins kept in company vaults, orders typically ship within 24 hours, and the time from order placement to receipt is less than five days. Commitment to services such as these has not only endeared the company to its customers, but has also garnered third-party praise. This is evident in the company’s coveted AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

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