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Who Is Paul Griff?


Once in a blue moon, a person with the ability to change the world is born. Unfortunately, these days it seems like these individuals are becoming less and less frequent. That is why we ought to appreciate the people who are still around and capable of producing wonderful businesses. Paul Griff is one such man.

Paul Griff was interested in massages before he was in business. This is something that he would offer as advice to any up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are unsure of which field they ought to become proficient in. Paul Griff didn’t begin his job thinking of the best possible ways to make money; instead, he found an industry that he wanted to be a part of and developed his skills within that industry. In his case, the industry was the massage business.

Griff didn’t want to create any ordinary, run-of-the-mill strip-mall massage parlor. He knows that these kind of companies do not always offer the best services, and it would be hard to attract customers to a business proposal that has already failed them before. This is why he decided to create a more intellectual approach to founding Mosaic Salon, which is his main business.

He wanted his name to ring true for all of his customers. He did not want them to view him as a con artist or even as a businessman, because this was not the way he perceived himself. He perceived himself as someone whose entire existence is planted within the drive to help others, and he still holds this perception to this day. In fact, throughout the course of owning so many businesses, he has perhaps come to be even more thoughtful and philanthropic. The course of starting businesses and watching them crumble before you is a daunting task, and it definitely is not one that just anyone can bear.

Failure is the fruit of labor we tend to reject. Instead of thinking about how a failure can be turned into a learned experience, we imagine what might have happened otherwise if we had succeeded, and we get lost within this fantasy. This is a trap Paul Griff is all too familiar with, and he wishes he could spread the message that this sort of view is unhealthy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to teach someone that they have to fall several times before they can properly stand.

Paul Griff is perhaps the most caring figure in business today. His efforts to help his community and those less fortunate than him are simply unparalleled, but if you were to ask him about it, he would probably just tell you that he is doing his job.

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