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The WTO Gives China The Go-Ahead To Impose $3.6 Billion In Sanctions Against Trump


The Congressional impeachment vote is in, and as expected, Trump’s impeachment is officially in motion. Mr. Trump and his loyal Trumpians claim the impeachment process is a witch hunt and sham.

Congress has the right to hold impeachment hearings in a manner that suits constitutional law. Trump claims his conversation with President Zelensky was perfect. Trump also claims when he reached out to China in front of the cameras and asked his tariff-worn enemy to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter, it was all a joke.

Republicans don’t know how to defend Trump’s actions, so they attack the impeachment process. Mr. Trump and his cabinet members refuse to cooperate with Adam Schiff’s inquiry panel. And Trump continues to threaten people who want to talk to Congress with Twitter attacks, and the wrath of his voter base. Nancy Pelosi calls those moves obstruction of Congress, and that could be one of the articles Congress pins on the Trumpster during the impeachment hearing.

The recent interest rate cut didn’t put a smile on the Trumpster face. Jerome Powell told the press not to expect another rate cut in 2019. Powell also let Trump know his tariff wars keep eroding the economy. Mr. Powell said if the tariff wars continue, the Feds will take the appropriate measures to avoid the recession that threatens Europe and Asia.

Gross Domestic Product growth fell to 1.9 percent in September. That’s well below Trump’s promise to keep economic growth above three percent. The unemployment numbers continue to support Trump’s claim the economy is in great shape. But there are signs economic growth may fall to zero unless Trump settles his disputes with China and Europe.

Mr. Trump inflated the October unemployment numbers. Mr. Trump told the press his economic agenda created more than 300,000 new jobs in October. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the real number is 128,000 new jobs. Most of those jobs are in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

China finally got a ruling from the World Trade Organization. The WTO gave China the right to impose $3.6 billion in trade sanctions against the United States for creating illegal anti-dumping rules before Trump started his tariff war. China can ask the WTO to authorize sanctions on U.S. products to retaliate. But it’s unclear if China will put those additional sanctions in play now that a phase one trade deal is on the table.