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YouTube Removes Many Cryptocurrency Videos


People who have posted videos on YouTube that deal with cryptocurrency were surprised to find out that their content had been removed from the platform. The people who posted these videos received no warning that their content was in any violation. They also did not get an email explaining why the videos were removed. This action by the world’s biggest video website has sent shock waves through the crypto community. There are many people who depend on the income they make from the site. These people are in a panic right now because they are not sure how they will be able to make money without the YouTube platform to help them.

In the days since YouTube decided to purge all of their crypto videos, there have been many theories about why they have decided to do this. Some people have speculated that Google is planning on getting into the crypto business. Therefore, they do not want YouTube to be used to promote any rival cryptocurrencies. There is no evidence at all to support this theory. Google said that it has so many videos that the staff will sometimes make a mistake and remove a video that should have been allowed to stay up. There has been no word yet about the status of the videos and if they will be posted again at some point in the future.

Videos that teach average people about all of the intricacies of Bitcoin and other types of crypto have been on the rise. There are many channels that are now devoted solely to topics related to crypto. There is a very wide audience for this type of content. This is why it made so much news that thousands of these videos are no longer available for people to watch. It will be very interesting to find out why Google did this.

Advocates of bitcoin feel that it will eventually be the main way that people on the planet pay for things. They feel that it is the future of finance around the world. However, critics say that this will not happen until the crypto industry is regulated. The price fluctuations are much too wild and unpredictable at the moment. There are many financial experts who believe that investing in cryptocurrency is a very risky endeavor indeed. Google’s decision to permanently ban all videos related to crypto on their platform will be a huge blow to the industry.