At UKV PLC located in the United Kingdom, investing in wine is a concept appreciated by both experienced and inexperienced wine collectors. Throughout history, wine has maintained a certain amount of status. In the magical opera known as The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte in German), composed by musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Papageno sings an aria in which he declares that “A woman’s much better than wine.” The statement proves that wine was a substance appreciated by the audience.

Wine connoisseurs throughout history surely have acknowledged the philosophical debate inherent in the witty words written by Emanuel Schikaneder to accompany Mozart’s memorable melody. Although most people would like to think that women are intrinsically more valuable than wine, the high regard for wine as a favorable investment continues to attract new investors.

Avoid the Financial Web of Paying Capital Gains Taxes

As an investment, UKV PLC appeals to investors who cherish the historical value associated with investing in fine wine. One reason that investing in investment grade wine is a popular trend revolves around the fact that sellers do not need to pay capital gains taxes when they part with their valuable bottles. Tax experts regard wine as a product that deteriorates as time passes. According to tax officials, even the best French Burgundy reds and bottles filled with Cabernet Sauvignon refuse to gain profitability in future generations.

Evidently, tax authorities either never drink wine or tend to view the beverage in a different light. Consequently, private owners simply do not pay any capital gains taxes when they sell bottles gleaned from their vintage collections. Fortunately for investors, wine never seems to lose its appeal. Investors taking advantage of their contracts with UKV PLC cherish their secrets about the value of old wine. Instead of viewing wine as a decaying liquid made from grapes, investors appreciate the exquisite tastes and aromas as the product continues to age.

Owning Tangible Products Versus Intangible Stock Shares

No one will argue that owning stock shares can yield a profit in future years. However, some people prefer the concept of owning tangible products such as gold, silver and wine. Whether stored in a private wine cellar at home or at a UKV PLC warehouse, an investor in wine has the ability to see, touch and taste the investment as opposed to gazing at numbers representing real money. Plus, the value of fine wine typically increases whereas no one can predict the stability of any given stock.

Reap Greater Profits by Storing Wine Bottles for Several Years

Time is a wine collector’s best friend. The best way to collect wine is to start at a young age. As wine ages, its value continues to increase. Of course, collectors must own quality products. Investing in cheap wine is not going to reap any profits because connoisseurs recognize excellent wines from inferior grades. Investing with a major firm takes the guesswork out of investing in wine. People who invest at UKV PLC always know the relative value of their collections. They take advantage of informative, free evaluations.

Reap a Rewarding Profit Throughout the Years

Gaining a 12% to 15% return on a wine investment without having to pay any capital gains taxes offers an exceptional way to invest. Steady and unpretentious, a modest wine collection offering reliable returns appeals to conservative investors. Instead of developing insomnia caused by the constant whims of an unpredictable stock market, wine investors sleep soundly knowing that their tangible investments continue to increase in value.

Benefit from the Expertise Offered by a Wine Consultant

When contemplating the idea of investing in wine, it is important to buy quality brands. At UKV PLC, a wine consultant helps each investor make wise decisions about which labels to buy according to market conditions. A collector benefits from the advice of a consultant versed in how to select the finest bottles of wine. Buying wine at the right time of year can also make a huge impact on the value of a growing collection.

Wine Values are Benefiting from Brexit

Some people may find it surprising to learn that the value of wine has increased since Brexit. Realizing gains as high as 20%, wine has the ability to maintain a stable profit margin in the midst of profound political change. Old-fashioned investments tend to hold up well during times of upheaval and uncertainty because people are certain that the product is never going to disappear. A stable investment that maintains its popularity for centuries appeals to the discerning investor. Wine is an attractive product that continues to maintain its status throughout history.

Investing in Wine May Offer Greater Potential than Investing in Gold

A person placing a high value on a steady flow of gains throughout the years may benefit from investing in wine via an excellent firm such as UKV PLC. While gold is a commodity that never seems to go out of style, wine has its own unique advantage. Instead of experiencing constant volatility, investors create impressive wine collections that are impervious to the unpredictable nature associate with investing in gold and other precious metals.

Benefit from Storing Wine in the Most Favorable Atmosphere

A collector can opt to store the collection in a UKV PLC warehouse offering the perfect climactic conditions favorable to preservation. In addition, the wine collection is fully insured in the collector’s name within a bonded account.

Experience an Opportunity to Create an Impressive Wine Collection

People who are interested in investing in wine can contact a UKV PLC representative at 0207 471 8030 or pay a visit to the UKV PLC website today. Filling out a simple contact form is the first step to starting a new adventure as a wine collector and investor. People residing in countries across the globe share their enthusiasm for investing in fine wines. Select recommended investment grade wine labels to start a new venture. For the best in quality and brands, UKV PLC provides a potentially profitable solution.

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