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Customer Service, Finance, and Public Education: Clément Perrette’s Curated Career


Throughout the trajectory of a lifelong career, skills are acquired, accomplishments are noted, and growth occurs in many forms. Hopefully, through careful curation of a career, pivotal skill sets are built upon each other, creating mastery of a particular field. While the average individual may experience some fluctuation between professional fields within a lifetime, there are certainly soft skills that can be transferred seamlessly from one field to another, and can serve as positive attributes in seeking a position within a new field. By focusing more on the “big picture” effects of carefully selecting a career path, versus immediate gratification or payment structure, one can build an impressive resume that tells the story of a thriving career.

While most professional fields convey specialization within niche skill sets, many jobs also increase an individual’s skill sets in areas not immediately connected to the immediate position. Within the niche world of investment banking, successful individuals need the technical skills to excel within the position itself. In addition to the base skills, tertiary skills needed may include positive interpersonal skills, time management, and even leadership mastery. Through garnering these “soft skills”, an individual can be a crucial asset to a team during future professional prospects, based on not only pertinent and concise experience within a particular role, but also, via the mastery of multiple tertiary skills.

Through acquiring a myriad of skills related to a particular field, dedicated professionals become aware of the complex structure of a chosen field, and the multitude of skills needed to excel. Taking this concept one step further, working toward gaining knowledge about the inner workings of each aspect of a field creates a well-rounded professional. In many fields, being competent and retaining knowledge related to every aspect of the field is paramount to problem solving issues that may not particularly fall within one’s direct position description.

While incredibly beneficial on a long-term basis, curating a meaningful career trajectory can be a difficult task. From changing field conditions, to the fragility of a global economy, several factors play a role in the stability of a field, including finance and investment banking. Specifically, within the realm of finance, the ability to create a meaningful lifelong career lies in the prospect of gaining well-rounded experiences in a myriad of situations, and the ability to create a fruitful outcome in any situation. Through thoughtful assignments, and well-researched positions, the curated career in the world of finance is meaningful, fulfilling, stable, and lucrative for all parties involved. Serving as an interesting embodiment of this concept, finance specialist Clément Perrette has leveraged a wide array of skills sets that have allowed him to excel within various leadership roles.

Throughout his youth, Clement Perrette achieved strong  educational endeavors, with a focus in mathematics. After a  Bachelor’s Degree in 1983, Perrette joined preparatory class in Lycée Henri IV and St Louis, Paris for high scientific schools. From there he ,  garnered a Civil Engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble in 1989 in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Always interested by mathematics, finance, and global markets, Perrette completed his post-undergraduate education in 1990 by garnering his Master of Finance degree from the world renowned HEC Paris.

Beginning with his collegiate education, Perrette took very purposeful strides toward curating his knowledge base, and pertinent educational background, which aligned with his budding interest in the financial sector. While some younger individuals don’t discover their professional passions until later in life, many young people establish an unwavering conviction related to their field of choice, and subsequent career trajectory. For Perrette, the latter scenario rang true, and thus, he pursued his interests to their highest potential. Recognizing the importance of gaining education, Perrette’s decision to pursue post-undergraduate education was an early testament to his keen desire to curate his professional trajectory during his youth.

Post-matriculation, Perrette’s first position found him joining the ranks at Société Générale Paris, where he was tasked with creating, developing, and implementing FRF STRIPS trading desk. , a vast undertaking for an initial role. STRIPS, or zero coupon government bonds with a single return upon maturation, were gaining traction throughout the United States at the time, but were a new market in  french financial markets. Thus, Perrette spearheaded the development f  of a leading STRIPS desk with Société Générale Paris, and led a strong push  to promote this new products to investors . Through his dedication and commitment to the ongoing project, Perrette leveraged a slew of skills that ultimately led to Société Générale Paris’ position in the top three trading houses in France.

In this role, not only did Perrette gain the technical skills needed to create the STRIPS program, but he garnered vast amounts of experience in customer service, branding and marketing of a new financial product, problem solving, and professional leadership. Though the technical aspects of ensuring financial success for the program undoubtedly proved his skills, and solidified Perrette’s place as an early leader in the financial realm, the tertiary skills he mastered within this position allowed Perrette to forge ahead in his career trajectory.

Following his initial role with Société Générale Paris, Perrette went on to work for Paribas from 1995 to 2000, where he parlayed many of his previously learned skills, and garnered the opportunity to once again grow successful STRIPS desks. Throughout this time, the formation of the European Union solidified the singular European markets into a large-scale mass market. The addition of the Euro as the recognized currency of countries within the European Union allowed for strong opportunities on a global scale, and the existence of new financial products based on the strength of the Euro.

Thus, with this changing scope of markets, Perrette became responsible for the success of the ongoing FRF STRIPS program at Paribas, and spearheaded the EUR STRIPS program within the company. With such concise previous experience in launching a similar program during his previous assignment, Perrette was able to directly call upon his previously utilized strategies, and modify these strategies to fit the unique needs of a larger-scale operation spanning across various countries. In a manner similar to erecting a structure using building blocks, Perrette was able to take previous experiences, and build upon them, creating a successful new financial product, and further solidifying his expertise within this niche sector.

From 2000 to 2002, Perrette’s carefully chosen career plan took him to join the team at Deutsche Bank Paris, the leading bank  in European Fixed Income markets at the time where he engaged in the development, oversight, and growth of the company’s EUR STRIPS and linkers programs. With years worth of pertinent experience in the same precise field, this position was a natural progression for Perrette, and a clearly appropriate move that bettered his overall professional scope by participating in the growth of the leading European franchise . During his time with the institution, Perrette played a pivotal role in garnering the company’s status as the number one customer rated franchise, a feat that was undoubtedly the culmination of previously perfected skill sets. In addition to continuing his role with STRIPS, this position provided Perrette with the opportunity to branch out into other financial market endeavors, as he engaged in Government Bond trading in long-end, and European linkers. This shift in engagement, however small in the grand scheme of his involvement with the STRIPS system, broadened Perrette’s breadth of experience, and ultimately led to the acquisition of his next career link.

Professionally relocating, Clement Perrette Barclays Capital, was initially brought on as Head of EUR Long End Rates trading, a position he was uniquely qualified for as a direct result of his previously expanded role. By remaining open to taking on new responsibilities, and gaining lateral experiences in his previous position, Perrette proved himself to be capable of taking on tasks related to Long End Rates, and was brought on to join the esteemed team at Barclays Capital as a direct result. His experience in leading Fixed Income franchise as Deutsche Bank and Paribas helped him to grow significantly Barclays presence in european fixed Income capital markets. This scenario often plays out in the professional realm, and further propels the notion that becoming well versed in all aspects of a business can be vastly useful in the future.

Perrette excelled at Barclays Capital within his initial role and was promoted to  Managing Director . These subsequent advances were the result of two completely varying scopes of reference, both equally crucial toward establishing a curated career. First, his knowledge base, experience, and track record in the actual financial activity remained impressive,. Secondly, Perrette’s previous leadership roles have molded his ability to lead a team, accurately teach team members to succeed within their respective positions, and maintain long-term success over an entire sector of a financial institution. Adding to his impressive lineup of accolades, Perrette’s direct managerial involvement at Barclays Capital led to the company being named the top franchise house for both STRIPS, EUR Long End Government bonds, and EUR Swaps.

Willing to take a career break after nearly 20 years in Fixed Income market making desks and in order to achieve his long time dream of sailing the North Atlantic . Perrette eventually moved away from Capital markets to become a Strategic Advisor for Barclays Capita in 2011.l. Perrette completed his sailing dream by skippering a 47 foot sailing boat across the Atlantic for 3 months in Q4 2011. Perrette came back in 2012 as Head of Investment Function, reporting directly to Barclays Plc CFO. A job creation at the time with the ambition of setting up a Liquidity Buffer team in order to manage the pool of money set aside by banks to answer the new regulation environment post financial crisis   Throughout the trajectory of a well-thought career, the increase of practical on-the-job experience, in conjunction with successful implementation of leadership, results in the individual garnering a role that oversees essential operations, teaches the next generation of professionals, or is otherwise responsible for the overall success of the particular sector. For many, the goal of continued career advancement is parlayed through management roles, and is often considered a sign of successful growth and advancement, rather than a series of lateral moves that did not amount to tangible growth.

A multi-dimensional individual, Perrette counts philanthropy as his great passion outside of his professional life. Specifically, he has been actively involved in marine conservation efforts, and has worked with leaders in the ocean preservation efforts to create systemic change through education, development of creative collateral, and ongoing charitable endeavors. Through his involvement in philanthropic projects throughout recent years, Perrette’s desire to engage in the realm of conservation on an increasingly full-time basis has continued to grow. With a vastly accomplished professional profile, Perrette decided to purposefully pivot his career trajectory to share time appropriately with his meaningful philanthropic endeavors after more than 20 years in the banking industry.

For many successful professionals, amassing a successfully crafted career scope comes with success, long-term stability, and a lifetime of professional accolades. After pursuing these goals head-on for decades, and successfully parlaying skills within various assignments, some accomplished professionals recognize the desire to try new ventures, accept new challenges, and otherwise explore different options that would not have been previously available. In Perrette’s case, this idea manifested itself as he pivoted into the realm of asset management.

With a proven track record for successfully controlling investments on behalf of investors, Perrette’s transition into fixed-fund management was the result of another carefully curated and purposeful career strategy. As the Senior Fixed Income Fund Manager for RAM Active Investments, Perrette utilizes his plethora of previously perfected skills in a new environment. Working with a team to successfully grow and diversify the global fixed income fund, Clement’s successful involvement within this new endeavor is a testament to his extensive experience.

While each actively working individual eventually amasses a long-term career repertoire, not every individual seeks to actively pursue opportunities that will create an avalanche of positive results within the short-term, and long-term future. While some individuals merely seek lateral moves within a field, or jump from one entry-level field to another, the most profound professional results are experienced through the thoughtful curation of a career trajectory. Through well considered professional moves that play upon each previous experience, one can continue to grow professionally in a manner that continues to provide fulfilling opportunities, professional successes, and meaningful experiences. For Perrette, this notion has been proven since his initial foray into the world of finance, and has culminated in a series of professional accomplishments that called upon his pertinent experiences, soft skills, and technical knowledge. Within any field, the same aspects can be applied, and modified to create a long-term fruitful career that is rewarding in every aspect.

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