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The Unique Business Acumen of David Einhorn

hedge fund manager David Einhorn
A closer look at the David Einhorn's business acumen

Fifty-year-old hedge fund manager David Einhorn has made a name for himself with his bold investments that have sometimes gone against the traditional wisdom of investors. His net worth has fluctuated, but at his peak, he has had well over a billion dollars in assets.

He was born on November 20, 1968, in New Jersey to Jewish parents. At the age of seven, the family moved to Wisconsin, where he remained until he graduated from high school. After graduating from Cornell University, Einhorn started Greenlight Capital in 1996. Based in Westchester, New York, the fund got a lot of attention over the years. At one point, he was the 44th youngest billionaire on the Forbes 400 and ranked number 18 on the list of most successful hedge fund managers.

Einhorn learned some of his investing acumen from his father Stephen, who founded the Capital Midwest Fund as well as the consulting firm Einhorn and Associates. His brother Daniel also works in the investment business. From 1993 to 2017, he was married to Cheryl Strauss. Before their divorce, they had three children, Rachel, Naomi and Mitchell.

A prominent Democrat, he has used his money to donate to the Democratic party, and he is a board member of and financially supports the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Other charitable organizations that have been the recipients of his funds include the Tomorrow Children’s Fund, the Robin Hood Foundation, the Center for Public Integrity, City Year and the Project on Government Oversight.

In addition to his investment work, Einhorn is the published author of a book entitled “Fooling Some of the People All of the Time,” which was released in 2010. This well-reviewed book chronicled some of his investment experiences, particularly a dispute with the company Allied Capital, whose business practices he called into question. He has also lodged criticisms of Lehman Brothers, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Microsoft and Apple Inc.

David Einhorn has clearly made an impact during his years in the realm of investment. He has been able to help a lot of people through his philanthropic efforts, and he has also made a dent in the political landscape with his activism. He is particularly passionate about the issue of fracking, insisting that it is a practice that harms the environment and is financially insoluble. In 2013, he made it to number 44 on the Time list of the 100 most influential people.